Chronos Commandos: Dawn Patrol Pits Nazis Against Dinosaurs Against Albert Einstein with a Machine Gun

With all the comic book to film adaptations coming our way, Titan Comics has announced a new series that we're ready to get down on our knees and beg the studios to adapt. Seriously, this is all we want for Christmas.

Exclusive: Co-Writer/Director Steve Barker Talks Outpost: Black Sun, Another Sequel and More

This week XLrator Media released the Nazi zombie-themed Outpost: Black Sun, the sequel to Steve Barker's 2008 indie flick Outpost, which found moderate success during its home release worldwide.

Check Out an Exclusive Clip from Outpost: Black Sun

Alrighty, kids! We have on tap for you an exclusive clip from the long awaited Nazi zombie flick Outpost II: Black Sun, and as per usual you can dig on it right here. Lock, load, and check it out!

Domestic Trailer Premiere for Outpost II: Black Sun is Finally Here!

IGN scored itself the first look at the official domestic trailer for the long awaited Nazi zombie flick Outpost II: Black Sun, and as per usual you can dig on it right here. Lock, load, and check it out!

International Trailer Premiere for Outpost II: Black Sun

It's kind of appropriate that the first trailer out for the Nazi zombie epic Outpost II: Black Sun would be the German one. Fitting, no? Anyway, we have it for you right here so goose step on in for a bit of undead mayhem.

Outpost II Looking for a Few Good Dead Men

Having been a zombie for both Joe Lynch and George A. Romero, I can tell you first-hand that there's something ridiculously cool about donning the make-up and getting to feast. Think you have what it takes?

Outpost: Black Sun Begins Production

In 2008 a little movie called The Outpost was released direct-to-video and ended up being one of the best flicks to come out that year. Don't remember it? Haven't seen it? Do yourself a favor and start playing catch-up immediately.

Yet More Badass Concept Art: Panzer 88

One flick we've been waiting patiently for to begin production is Panzer 88. While there's still nothing official, we have been assured the wheels are turning, and to prove it, we have some brand new concept art to drool over.

Badass Concept Art: Panzer 88

Those damned Nazis are it again (didn't Brad Pitt and company take them all down already?) in Panzer 88, a film which has been described as a "visceral, reality-based story with horror overtones", and we've got a look at some truly cool concept art for you.

Uwe Boll's Auschwitz - Haven't the Jews Suffered Enough?

I miss the Uwe Boll that made bad video game movies we could at the very least laugh at. I much prefer that Uwe Boll to the morose Uwe Boll who now mostly makes movies that wallow in human misery - prison rape, Vietnam savagery, Columbine-style massacres, African genocide - and now he's making a movie called Auschwitz graphically detailing the horrors that went on in that most notorious of Nazi concentration camps.

More Nazi Zombies Running Wild in A Chance in Hell

The popularity of the Nazi zombie is a bit of an enigma, probably because it's like having two ultimate bad guys rolled into one mean, murderous package. Ain't nothing wrong with that!

Get Ready For An Army of Wolves!

Nazi werewolves! I'm not referring to David Kessler's nightmare sequences from An American Werewolf in London, either. After watching this trailer for the upcoming Army of Wolves, however, you may wish that I was.

Outpost II: Black Sun Artwork and Stills

As previously reported, one of 2008's surprise direct-to-DVD hits, The Outpost, is getting itself a sequel, entitled Outpost II: Black Sun. To further get you excited about this glorious news, some badass stills and artwork have slipped online for it! Ready for a little more undead Nazi action?