Naughty Dog

Uncovered Screenshots for The Last of Us

Sony's The Last of Us releases later this year for PS3. New screenshots have been revealed to give you a look at the dark, barren world to come. Read on if you dare.

New Details Explain What Will Happen to The Last of Us

Up until now, very few details have been revealed surrounding the plot and storyline in The Last of Us. However, that all changed in a recent interview with Naughty Dog where nearly every detail of the storyline was broken down.

New Details and Screenshots Emerge for The Last of Us

So, the trailer for The Last of Us looked incredible, but what does the game play like? For all we know, we could be fighting off hordes of zombie Nyan Cats armed only with our trusty rocket propelled pancake launcher.

Be Counted Among The Last of Us

The award-winning game studio Naughty Dog is at it again with its newest survival horror/action work, The Last of Us. Read on for all the details.