Naughty Bear

Let out Your Bad Side with Naughty Bear

Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise is now available for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Players will step into the shoes of Naughty Bear has he goes on a quest to kill 36 bears on his hit list. This is going to get bloody!

Naughty Bear Wants YOU! Win a Copy of the Game!

Are you as obsessed with Naughty Bear as I am? Wanna win a copy for your 360 or PS3? SURE, YA DO! Here's how!

Naughty Bear Developers Speak Out on the Stuffing Shredding Mayhem to Come!

With the release of Naughty Bear just around the corner, we had the opportunity to sit down with creative director David Osbourne and lead game designer and scriptwriter Ash Pannel, and if you were excited for this game before, wait until you read about what these guys have in store for us.

More Naughtiness From Naughty Bear

The moment is upon us! This time next week Naughty Bear will be embarking on his path of destruction, and we've got a new horror movie inspired nightmare video, the launch trailer, and a look at the brutal multi-player mode for you.

Get Stuffed with More Naughty Bear Mayhem

Three more videos showcasing the antics of everyone's favorite psychotic stuffed animal have surfaced to get you geared up for the stuffing ripping event of the year, and we've got every second of it for ya!

Naughty Bear Makes Nice with Exclusive Pre-Order In-Game Items From Gamestop and Amazon

505 Games and Artificial Mind & Movement (creators of Naughty Bear) are giving up MEGA goodies to those who pre-order their upcoming and highly anticipated Xbox 360/PS3 title from either Gamestop or Amazon!

More Gaming Nastiness From Naughty Bear

Three more wicked little trailers starring a demented teddy bear who's looking to kill his cuddly friends in the most violent ways imaginable have stitched their way online and we have every absurd second of it for you!

Naughty Bear ... Will Kill You

One of the things we like most about our genre is that nothing is sacred. Not even ... the Teddy Bear! In 505 Games' upcoming sinister slice of Americana, we're introduced to a very irritated and psycho mascot who's packing hot lead and a vicious temper.