Nature Run Amok

Keep Your Eye on this New One-Sheet for Rubber

Bouncing our way soon courtesy of Magnet will be Rubber, the tale of a psychotic tire run amok! To get things rolling for the film's release we just got our hands on a brand new one-sheet for you guys to dig upon! The flick will hit VOD on February 25th with a limited theatrical run to follow on April 1st.

Artwork and Release Date: Birdemic on DVD and Blu-ray

Birdemic: Shock and Terror is a movie that cannot be explained. There's nearly no possible way to put what this flick is into words. You just have to see it for yourself, and thankfully you'll be able to do so soon.

Javelina Brings Home the Bacon with a Side of Horror

No, Javelina is not a new superhero movie about a javelin-throwing female crimefighter. Javelina is another name for a peccary, a pig-like animal found in the American wild, the name being derived from its sharp tusks. Now I bet you can easily guess what the movie Javelina is about.

Joe Carnahan's The Grey Greenlit to Start Production; Cast Fills Out

We couldn't be happier that director Joe Carnahan has gotten a green light to start production next week on The Grey, a thriller that stars Liam Neeson, and we also are liking the actors that have filled out his cast. With the lack of female names, could this be the next The Thing?

Teaser Trailer for Jim Wynorski's Camel Spiders

The director of Chopping Mall, Return of Swamp Thing, Dinocroc vs. Supergator, and Cleavagefield is back with his newest creature feature kill-a-thon, and this time no one is safe from an invasion of mutant Middle Eastern Camel Spiders, not even C. Thomas Howell or Brian Krause.

Horror in Arkansas! Thousands of Animals Dead

It's Sunday afternoon, and I'm doing my usual news sweep and come across two real life stories coming out of one state that have simply knocked me on my ass. Let me start off by saying no, this is NOT a viral marketing scheme, but it is some truly horrifying shit!

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Spider With a Human Face!

Even the title alone is enough to induce nightmares in many so what better way to kick off 2011 than with a video that will have you shivering, frightened, and disgusted all at the same time?

Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus (2010)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Gary Stretch, Jaleel White, Sarah Lieving, Robert Picardo Directed by Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray

Magnet Slips on its Rubber in 2011

Know what movie you should be looking forward to in 2011? Rubber. Yes, Rubber, the tale of a psychotic tire run amok! Word broke a while back that the good folks over at Magnet Releasing would be handing US distro for the flick, and now we know when! The flick will hit VOD on February 25th with a limited theatrical run to follow on April 1st.

Joe Carnahan Talks Horror Elements in The Grey

We've been fans of writer/director Joe Carnahan since seeing Narc back in early 2003 and have been waiting for him to dip a few toes into the horror genre. While his upcoming The Grey may be more action-drama than pure horror, he does label it a "monster movie", a description that always gets our attention.

Birdemic Flying to Blu-ray and DVD

The film that we have lovingly dubbed The Bad Movie Event of the Decade is finally coming home thanks to Severin Films, and we've got the early word (Does that still get us the worm? There ARE birds involved here!) on what to expect.

See Rare Exports in Austin, Texas, Along with a Caged Feral Santa

Were you as disappointed as we were at being unable to participate in the Rare Exports display of a real life Lapland Santa on Carnaby Street in London this past November? Well, if you live in or near Austin, Texas, you have another chance thanks to the Alamo Drafthouse! From the Press Release:

The Epic Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus Trailer Is Here

Introducing first, in the blue corner, the reigning undefeated champion of the seas - Mega Shark! His opponent, the challenger, making his professional fighting debut, the crocodilian villain - Crocosaurus! Your special guest referee for this main event is Jaleel "Urkel" White. Leeeeeet's get reeeeeeady to ruuuuuumble!

Make a Date with David R. Ellis' 3D Shark Thriller

Even though the David R. Ellis film once known as Shark Night 3D is being renamed for its release by Relativity Media, that hasn't stopped them from coming up with a premiere date!

Rare Exports - Caged Santa for Sale in the UK!

Knowing how politically correct the US tries to be, this kind of marketing stunt in support of Foy's favorite new film Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale would never fly here. In the UK, however ... things can get wonderfully strange!