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CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Birdemic: Shock and Terror on Blu-ray or DVD Along with Some Birdemic Hangers!

Yes, you read that headline correctly ... we're giving away Blu-rays, DVDs and hangers. Who doesn't want hangers? You need hangers. You're always looking for hangers. AND you can use these hangers to help fend off killer eagles who shit explosives! I love my job.

New Rubber TV Spot Comes Rolling In

In order to celebrate its launch on VOD everywhere today, Magnet has released the very first TV spot for Rubber, the tale of an evil sentient tire. Yes, an evil sentient tire. Look for a limited theatrical run to follow on April 1st via Magnet.

Rubber (2011)

Reviewed by Andrew Kasch Starring Robert, Wings Hauser, Jack Plotnick, Remy Thorne, Roxane Mesquida

Birdemic Director Signs DVD!

Why are we covering something that seems so trivial? Because for whatever reason it makes us laugh, and we're pretty sure you'll be laughing too. Oh, the absurdity of it all. From the Press Release

Giant 3D Spiders to be Unleashed on New York City! Exclusive Casting News!

Every arachnophobe's worst nightmare is headed to the big screen with Spiders 3D. As New York City is poised to fall into their enormous three-dimensional web, only a milk maiden, a Power Ranger, and a Starship Trooper can save the Big Apple from experiencing an eight-legged apocalypse.

An Early Still from Joe Carnahan's The Grey

Today's Entertainment Weekly magazine brings us a "First Look" at Joe Carnahan's The Grey, which reunites the director with his A-Team star Liam Neeson and promises "fewer explosions but more scares."

New Trailer and L.A. Screening Info - Rat Scratch Fever

Ever since The Foywonder did a story about Jeff Leroy's Rat Scratch Fever back in March of 2009, we've been dying to see it, and you should be too as it looks nothing short of cheesetastic! We've got really good news for folks in the Los Angeles area and a new trailer to go along with it!

Chamber of Pudd Offers Musical Ode to Birdemic

To celebrate the upcoming release of Birdemic: Shock and Terror on Blu-ray and DVD, rock band Chamber of Pudd has released a special music video for you guys to shake your asses to! Dig it! From the Press Release:

David R. Ellis Fighting For Greatest Movie Title Ever - Untitled 3D Shark Thriller

So what's in a name? If you're David R. Ellis, just the facts! Ellis has long been known as a director who isn't afraid to embrace the camp value of his various projects, and if he has his way, the film formerly known as Shark Night 3D will have a pretty polarizing moniker.

Production Under Way on Indie Feature Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast

We recently got word of yet another indie film coming out of the Buffalo, New York area - Sam Qualiana's Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast. “Frozen in the ice for thousands of years… the beast has finally awoken.” From the Press Release:

Birdemic Director James Nguyen Touts "Birdemic Fest + Beer" on February 27th!

February 27th, 2011, is a day sure to go down in infamy. What's happening, you ask? It's the one-year anniversary of the unforgettable Birdemic world premiere at Cinefamily. And now, one year later, director James Nguyen is urging everyone to relive that night with their own "Birdemic Fest".

CONTEST CLOSED! Win Tickets to See Rubber in NYC!

Rubber. There are few films we're looking forward to this year more than this tale of rolling terror. To say we're excited is a bit of an understatement, and now we've got a chance for YOU to get excited!

Full Specs Released for Birdemic on Blu-ray and DVD

So, you're wondering what you're going to get in terms of supplemental features when the phenomenon known as Birdemic: Shock and Terror flies home to Blu-ray and DVD? Wonder no more! We've got the skinny for you! From the Press Release

Brand New Rubber Trailer Rolls on In

Words alone cannot describe exactly how stoked we are for Rubber, the tale of a psychotic tire run amok! After seeing this latest trailer we're absolutely over the moon! The flick will hit VOD on February 25th with a limited theatrical run to follow on April 1st via Magnet.

Keep Your Eye on this New One-Sheet for Rubber

Bouncing our way soon courtesy of Magnet will be Rubber, the tale of a psychotic tire run amok! To get things rolling for the film's release we just got our hands on a brand new one-sheet for you guys to dig upon! The flick will hit VOD on February 25th with a limited theatrical run to follow on April 1st.