Nature Run Amok

How Bloody is The Happening?

So, just how gruesome is M. Night Shyamalan's latest flick? Will The Happening be able to satisfy horror fans who have been on torture porn benders for the past couple of years? Oh, I think he has everything sorted out just fine! Check out the two new red-band trailers below!

The Ruins' Fertile DVD

It still amazes me that a bloodless, talentless, pointless movie like Prom Night was able to make bank while a film far more worthy of our money didn't. I am, of course, talking about The Ruins (review).

Shock Festival Runner-Up & Exclusive New Poster!

If you entered our ongoing Shock Festival contest but didn’t win last week, don’t think that means your idea wasn’t good enough! Romano’s got a lot of entries to choose from, and sometimes he even has to pick a runner-up for the contest.

Kilmer Signs for The Thaw, Director Speaks!

It’s been quite a while since we’ve mentioned anything about The Thaw to you guys, so long you may have forgotten what it’s about altogether, but that’s all right cause it’s time to refresh the memory and really start getting excited for it since things are moving forward on it quickly.

Rogue Art & Disc Details

Those spooky boys over at Fangoria got the first look at the DVD art for Greg McLean’s Rogue, his follow-up to Wolf Creek that, despite positive word of mouth, has been doomed to coming in way under the radar, as well as the features that will be on the disc when Dimension Extreme releases it on August 5th.

Goblin Sharks Attack Malibu

I think it was a few years ago I was engaged in a conversation on another message board talking about what sort of animals have yet to be used in a nature gone amok movie that should be given the killer animal treatment. Someone in the thread suggested the goblin shark. Most people probably don't even know the goblin shark is a real animal, a rarely seen deep sea shark with an oddly shaped head boasting a larger than average snout.

Lynch Still on The Bridge

All right, so we just got yet more cool news from the Weekend of Horrors going down in LA right now, this time concerning one of our favorite up-and-coming directors, Wrong Turn 2’s Joe Lynch (pictured, looking fierce)!

Mini Shark Swarm Trailer Found

Though I’d like to say that anytime John Schneider and Daryl Hannah are in a movie together, I’m there with no questions asked. Sadly that is not the case, but throw in a shitload of sharks and you’ve won me over.

Nature Fights Man Down River

Men are, at their core, kind of ridiculous. I mean, why would a Corporate America guy pay an idiotic amount of money to go out “roughing it”, only to spend their nights in classy 4-star hotels? That’s was the inspiration for Down River, a new pickup by Regency from Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning penner Sheldon Turner.

Dinner for Fiends: Nature Runs Amok!

Nature. It’s all around us, at all times, just watching … waiting for us to slip up and make its move so it can go … AMOK! Instead of going over the latest shitty remake or throwaway horror film in theaters, the topic for the latest Dinner for Fiends is something close to every horror fan’s heart; nature gone amok movies!

Natali, Vincenzo (Splice)

Not a lot’s been said about Vincenzo Natali’s Splice, the story of two rebellious scientist who create a creature by splicing different DNAs which eventually becomes deadly, for a while now. A few months back we had some very early looks at the creature that stars Adrien Brody and Sarah Polle

Grizzly Park (DVD)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Glenn Morshower, Emily Foxler, Randy Wayne, Jelynn Rodriguez, Julie Skon, Kavan Reece, Zulay Henao, Shedrack Anderson III Written & Directed by Tom Skull Distributed by Allumination Film Works

Rogue One-Sheet and Theatre Listings

I may be in the minority here, but I found Michael Katleman's Primeval (review) to be a good time at the B-Movies. It wasn't perfect, but it had amazing visual effects for the crocodile and some moments of unintentional hilarity. Getting to watch it with the director added to the good times as well.

Last Winter Disc Art

How very sad … the DVD art for both versions of Larry Fessenden’s excellent eco-horror flick The Last Winter (review) showed up over on the film’s official site today and they are ... not very good.

100 Million BC (2008)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Michael Gross, Christopher Atkins, Greg Evigan, Dean Kreyling, Wendy Carter, Marie Westbrook Directed by Griff Furst