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The Following Viral Video: Watch the Trailer for Ryan Hardy's The Poetry of a Killer

If you've been watching "The Following" on Fox, you're well aware that Kevin Bacon's character, Ryan Hardy, wrote a book on serial killer Joe Carroll entitled The Poetry of a Killer. A video trailer for said tome has landed on YouTube, which you can see right here.

Agent Parker Meets Joe in this Clip from The Following Episode 1.03 - The Poet's Fire

Annie Parisse has been a welcome addition to "The Following" in the role of Agent Parker, and in this new clip from next Monday's episode, "The Poet's Fire," she officially meets Joe Carroll, who isn't really a stranger to her after all.

Two New Promos for The Following Episode 1.03 - The Poet's Fire

With all of its critical praise and high ratings, it looks like "The Following" is a hit already. Here are a couple more promos for the upcoming Episode 1.03, "The Poet's Fire." Watch out! The madness is spreading!

Go Inside The Following Episode 1.02 - Chapter Two; Get a Sneak Peek of Episode 1.03 - The Poet's Fire

Last night "The Following" did something unexpected: It increased its ratings by 3% over the series premiere and gave Fox the No. 1 spot for the night!

Hang Out in the FOX Lounge with Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy of The Following

Ready to watch the second episode of "The Following" tonight? While you fill the time between now and then, hang out in the FOX Lounge with Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy as the stars of "The Following" ask each other rapid fire questions and share ideas for dog names.

Another Promo for and a Clip from The Following Episode 1.02 - Chapter Two

Fox has released another promo video for "The Following," and we have it right here along with the others that came out earlier this week in case you missed them as well as a new clip from TV Guide.

Preview and Sneak Peek of The Following Episode 1.02 - Chapter Two

Finally, after all the hype and a ridiculous amount of promos, "The Following" premiered last night. Were you watching? Will you keep watching Episode 1.02, "Chapter Two"? If so, you'll want to check out this preview and sneak peek of the ep.

What to Expect from Kevin Williamson's The Following

We're pretty excited to see Kevin Williamson's new TV project, "The Following", and from the sound of things he's just as excited for us to see it! Read on for a few more details of what we can expect.

Kevin Williamson's Project for Fox Finally Gets a Title and a Trailer; Will Debut Midseason

It looks like earlier speculation that Kevin Williamson's serial killer project for Fox would be named "Mastermind" was incorrect as the network has officially announced it will be called "The Following", and we have the full synopsis and more details right here.

Fox Picks Up Untitled Kevin Williamson Project

Good news for fans looking forward to Kevin Williamson's latest television endeavor for Fox. Now if only someone could nail down a title for this series, we'd be ecstatic (although we have unofficially heard the name might be "Mastermind"). Keep reading for the latest!

Maggie Grace Signs on to the STILL Untitled Kevin Williamson Pilot for Fox

With a cast that includes the likes of Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy, and now the formerly "Lost" Maggie Grace, you'd think Kevin Williamson and Fox would pick a damn title for their new serial killer drama already!

Nico Tortorella Joins Kevin Williamson's Still Untitled Project for Fox TV and Provides Massive Update

And the cast of Fox TV's still untitled new project being put together by Kevin Williamson continues to grow, and one of the newest additions has provided a "mega" update on the series via his website that includes a full casting breakdown.

Justified's Natalie Zea Stalked By Kevin Williamson's Latest Serial Killer

Add another name to the ever growing list of actors clamoring for a spot on Kevin Williamson's new show for Fox. Who's next to be stalked and hopefully die horribly at the hands of a maniac? Read on for details.

InSight (2011)

Starring Sean Patrick Flanery, Natalie Zea, Adam Baldwin, Christopher Lloyd Directed by Richard Gabai

Gain an InSight into Murder this September

What if all of a sudden you crossed over to the other side (providing of course that there is actually an other side) but then are yanked back to your body only to see what a victim of a violent crime saw before they died? Would be pretty damned scary, no? Enter InSight.