Natalie Zea

See a Half Dozen More Images from The Following Episode 2.13 - The Reaping

"The Following" continues to confound us. It seems like each season starts out promisingly, goes off the rails in the middle, and then comes back around at the end. And here we are near the end of Season 2 with Episode 2.13, "The Reaping," on its way. Will it follow the same pattern?

Study New Stills and a Preview of The Following #2.10 - Teacher's Pet; More on This Week's Shocking Ending

Fox released only a few stills from next week's Episode 2.10 of "The Following," entitled "Teacher's Pet," and no, they don't reveal anything else about that shocker of an ending we received this week. But provided you're all caught up, we do have a few more details about it to share...

Get a Sneak Peek of Under the Dome Episode 1.11 - Speak of the Devil

With only three episodes left, the events in Chester's Mill are just as unexplained as when "Under the Dome" started so fans are expecting lots of upcoming revelations, starting with Episode 1.11, "Speak of the Devil." Will this sneak peek shed any additional light on things?

Image Gallery and Preview of Under the Dome Episode 1.11 - Speak of the Devil

Wondering which of the many devils in Chester's Mill is the subject of "Under the Dome" Episode 1.11, entitled "Speak of the Devil"? Then check out this preview and image gallery for a few clues about the first of the final three episodes in Season 1.

Close Out Your Week with a Sneak Peek of Under the Dome Episode 1.10 - Let the Games Begin

Ready to kick off the weekend? We sure are, and so is CBS, Time Warner be damned! The network has provided us with a sneak peek of Monday night's Episode 1.10 of "Under the Dome," which means it's time to "Let the Games Begin"!

Image Gallery and Preview of Under the Dome Episode 1.10 - Let the Games Begin

Things are definitely heating up "Under the Dome," and it looks like next week the townsfolk in Chester's Mill are ready to "Let the Games Begin." Here are an image gallery and preview of the upcoming Episode 1.10.

Junior Visits Angie in this Sneak Peek of Under the Dome Episode 1.09 - The Fourth Hand

If this clip from "Under the Dome" Episode 1.09, "The Fourth Hand," can be believed, it looks like maybe Junior (Alex Koch) isn't so crazy after all thinking something's wrong with Angie (Britt Robertson)! Check it out, and be sure to tune in on Monday for some answers.

Image Gallery and Preview of Under the Dome Episode 1.09 - The Fourth Hand

Finally next week guest star Natalie Zea shows up in Chester's Mill in Episode 1.09 of "Under the Dome," entitled "The Fourth Hand," and we have the ep's preview and a big batch of photos to share. Just five episodes are left - are you keeping up?

Under the Dome Blow-Out! Ep. 1.06 (The Endless Thirst) Images & Preview; First Look at Natalie Zea; SDCC Panel Video

We have an overload of "Under the Dome" goodies for you right now including last night's ratings results, new images from next week's Episode 1.06, a look at Natalie Zea's character, and the show's SDCC panel.

A Bit of Mystery Surrounding Natalie Zea's Possible Return for Season 2 of The Following

You just can't trust the Internet. For a short while there was a story on TVGuide.com about Natalie Zea returning for Season 2 of "The Following," which of course got picked up by other sites, but now the original article has been removed. Hmm... a case of too much information too soon?

Two More Sneak Peeks of Under the Dome

Two new clips from CBS' upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's "Under the Dome" popped up on the Net today, and while one is a bit talky, the other delivers the gory goods horror fans are hoping for. Check 'em both out right here!

Under the Dome Character Profiles, New Sneak Peek, and Stephen King's Take on the Show

We're just a week and a half out from the premiere of the CBS adaptation of Stephen King's "Under the Dome," and on tap for you today we have some character bios, a new sneak peek, and Stephen King giving his behind-the-scenes take on the show.

Scenic New Under the Dome Artwork

Another poster has come our way for the CBS adaptation of Stephen King's "Under the Dome," and being that we're outside of the bubble, we were able to grab it for you! Seriously, do they get the Internet under that thing?

Natalie Zea Joins Under the Dome in a Pivotal Role

If you watch "Justified," "The Following," and/or "Californication," you know how versatile an actress Natalie Zea is, and now she's bringing her talents to CBS' upcoming "Under the Dome." Read on for the details!

Get an Insider Look at The Following Episode 1.13 - Havenport; Sneak Peek & Photos from Episode 1.14 - The End Is Near

We're down to the final two episodes of "The Following," but before we show you a clip and several photos from Ep. 1.14, "The End Is Near," let's take an "Insider" look at last night's Ep. 1.13, "Havenport."