SCARE-RIFF-EYEING Vol. 4: The Ghastly Ones

Hey, Dreadites, it's Volume 4 of SCARE-RIFF-EYEING: Musical Abominations Horror Fans Should Be Killing For and Dying Over! Go into that cluttered Fred Flintstone-esque closet of yours, pull out those monster feet swim fins, and get 'em on. It's almost summer, and we're hitting the beach...

Exclusive Hollywood Undead: Radio Undead Webisode

Hollywood Undead is starting the countdown to its new, customized radio station on iheartradio.com, “Radio Undead,” and has provided Dread Central with an exclusive webisode to help kick things off.

SCARE-RIFF-EYEING Vol. 3: Rudimentary Peni

Greetings, miscreants and malformations. Welcome back to SCARE-RIFF-EYEING: Musical Abominations Horror Fans Should Be Killing For and Dying Over. With this installment I plumb down, the furthest yet, into the depths of sonic darkness with legendary British anarchist deathrock punks RUDIMENTARY PENI.

AFI and Green Day Announce Summer Tour

Punk lives! At least the 2010 version of punk does. In one of the more interesting pairings we've seen lately, AFI and Green Day have announced they will hit the road together for a late summer tour beginning August 3rd, marking another piece of joint history for the two iconic bands who both got their starts in the NorCal scene.

New Flyleaf Music Video: Missing

No Friday is complete without some tunes to help you get prepped for the weekend, and today Flyleaf premiered the new video for "Missing" from their latest CD, Memento Mori, so keep reading to get "lost at sea" with the band.


Heya, Dreadites. Sean "The Butcher" Smithson here with the second installment of my new ongoing column, SCARE-RIFF-EYEING: Musical Abominations Horror Fans Should Be Killing For and Dying Over. This week we get so damned bloody it's funny and so fuckin' heavy it's criminal. You've been warned; now enter freely and of your own will...

Bret Michaels Has Nothing to Lose

In case you've missed it, for the past couple of months Dread Central has been running a new feature spearheaded by our own MattFini, Saturday Nightmares, an homage to those slightly obscure horror and exploitation films that are deserving of a place in your DVD player each and every Saturday night. More often than not, the films mentioned are 80's slasher fare. And what goes better with 80's horror than an 80's hair band icon like Bret Michaels?

New Christopher Lee Metal Promo for Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross

In case you've forgotten, "Metal is a Way of Life", and there are few as metal as the legendary Christopher Lee. In anticipation of the March 15th release in the UK (April 20th in the US) of concept album Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross, a new promo video has been released featuring Sir Christopher along with some behind-the-scenes clips, etc.

SCARE-RIFF-EYEING! Musical Abominations Horror Fans Should Be Killing For and Dying Over

Music. It has always shared a close relationship with visual imagery, even long before the era of film began. Painters and sculptors, poets and playwrights ... throughout the ages these artists have culled ideas and taken inspiration from the composers they admired. Music has the ability to imprint itself upon us and become the soundtrack to our lives.

Go Behind the Scenes of AFI's Beautiful Thieves

You have to give AFI credit for catering to their fans, who are known to be quite rabid in their dissection of the band's songs and videos -- from hidden messages to overall themes. The premiere of "Beautiful Thieves" was no different, and to help answer some of those questions, AFI has released a behind-the-scenes look at the video.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Horror of Our Love

As the old adage goes, good things come in small packages, so here at Dread Central we're always on the lookout for standout short films that deliver the goods, and this weekend we found one: Elftwin Films' "Horror of Our Love", a romantic horror comedy that twists the normal love story back until it breaks!

See Rise Against's Re-Education (Through Labor) - Uncensored

Punk rock band Rise Against last released a new CD (Appeal to Reason) in October of 2008, but that doesn't mean they haven't been busy and keeping their fans in the forefront of their minds. Which is why today they released an uncensored version of the video for their song "Re-Education (Through Labor)".

Twiztid Announce Their Spring Tour Dates

Horrorcore band Twiztid, comprised of Jamie Spaniolo and Paul Methric, aka Jamie Madrox and Monoxide, have just released their tour schedule for spring 2010.

Help Decide the Storyline of Alice in Chains' Your Decision Comic

Alice In Chains' video for their current single "Your Decision" has plenty of genre elements to it and has generated some controversy what with its debauchery-filled similarities to Eyes Wide Shut and Hostel: Part II. Things are left open-ended, however, and now comes a "Your Decision" comic that picks up where the video leaves off with fans helping to determine how the story ends.

Chat with AFI Right Now - LIVE!

In case you've forgotten, today's the day that the band AFI will be answering selected questions during a live video chat taking place on their Facebook page. But you don't need to head over there; you can chat with them right here on Dread Central starting at 7:00 PM EST/4:00 PM PST!