B-Sides: Beastmaster 2 Rocks Los Angeles

Like a mentally handicapped remake of Dolph Lundgren’s Masters of the Universe, Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time sent a half-naked fantasy adventurer to modern-day Earth to defeat the forces of evil and bring back to his tribal people the greatest magical force in the universe: rock ‘n roll.

B-Sides: Welcome to Fright Night

By now you’ve probably seen the Kid Cudi music video for the Fright Night 3D remake - a future B-Sides in the making, no doubt. But how does it compare to the J. Geils Band’s theme song from the original Fright Night?

David Lynch Invites You to Have Crazy Clown Time

Let it never be said that iconic director David Lynch is afraid to go in a different direction. From the haunting Elephant Man to the legendarily weird Twin Peaks, Lynch has never been shy about going his own way, blazing a trail since his first feature effort, Eraserhead.

B-Sides: Back to School Edition

The new school year has already begun for some and will begin any day now for others. This weekend’s B-Sides is a double dose of movie academia that hopes to get your school spirit through song. One song gets no respect and the other might make you want to go peep on the girls’ shower.

B-Sides: Must Love Blob Double Feature

The original 1958 version of The Blob opened with a kooky custom theme song that was all about warning listeners to “beware of the blob”. The 1988 remake concludes with a power ballad that ... I’m not really sure what “Brave New Love” has to do with not getting devoured by acidic ooze.

Exclusive: Black Tide's Top 10 Favorite Horror Films

The members of Miami hard rock band Black Tide are big genre fans, and in anticipation of the release of their sophomore album, Post Mortem, drummer Steven Spence and lead singer Gabriel Garcia took a few moments to compile a list of their Top 10 favorite horror films exclusively for Dread Central readers.

True Blood – Music from the HBO Original Series – Volume 3 to Be Released this Fall

WaterTower Music has announced the upcoming release of True Blood – Music from the HBO Original Series – Volume 3 due in stores and online this fall. The follow-up to the first two Grammy-nominated soundtracks will consist of new songs from the upcoming fourth season of the acclaimed HBO drama as well as music from the show’s wildly successful third season.

Watch the Full Gorgeous Nightmare Video by Escape the Fate

The hunt is over, and all Seven Deadly Sins have now been found by the fans of Escape the Fate, resulting in the band's new music video for the song "Gorgeous Nightmare" being unlocked. If you visited Dread Central to look for Gluttony, thanks for playing, and read on to see the video in its entirety!

Help Unlock Escape the Fate's Gorgeous Nightmare Video; Join the Hunt for Gluttony

Who doesn't love a good scavenger hunt? Here at Dread Central we certainly do, which is why we were happy to take part in Escape the Fate's idea of hiding photos of the Seven Deadly Sins over the web for fans to find in order to unlock the full video of their song "Gorgeous Nightmare". When they offered us that most disgusting of Sins, Gluttony, how could we refuse?

Escape the Fate's Gorgeous Nightmare Trailer; Find All Seven Deadly Sins to Unlock the Full Video

The band Escape the Fate are getting their fans involved to unlock their latest video for the song “Gorgeous Nightmare,” and they've released a trailer to begin building anticipation. In addition, the band will be hiding images of the Seven Deadly Sins (from the video) over the web for fans to find, and once all the Sins are revealed, the full video will be unlocked.

Life After Sundown (CD)

Performed by Ghoultown Released by Zoviet Records

Hear Music from Bioshock and Dante's Inferno Live in Concert May 9, 2011

It's not often we get to see the process of symphony orchestras providing the soundtrack to video games, but if you happen to live near California State University Northridge, you have the chance to see -- and hear -- just that on May 9th, when Garry Schyman's music from both Bioshock and Dante's Inferno will be performed live in concert. From the Press Release:

Exclusive Online Debut of Dave Reda's The Horror of Our Love: A Short Film

As promised, today we bring you the exclusive online debut of Dave Reda's killer romantic horror comedy short film "The Horror of Our Love" to close out Dread Central's Indie Horror Month celebration.

Indie Horror Month: Exclusive New Trailer for Horror of Our Love: A Short Film

Here at Dread Central we love indie horror filmmakers, and quite a few of them love us back. Like Dave Reda, who not only is graciously allowing DC to be home to the online debut of his killer romantic horror comedy short film "Horror of Our Love" next week to close out Indie Horror Month but also edited together an exclusive new trailer in honor of the event!