Mukunda Michael Dewil

Exclusive - Thomas Jane No Longer Involved in Wet House; New Details!

Just a quick follow-up to this morning's story of a new director taking the helm of what was to be Thomas Jane's Wet House. After the announcement came, we did some digging, made a few calls, and now have an update for you.

A New Director Checks in for the Wet House

It's been awhile since last we spoke about the upcoming flick Wet House, but today news broke of a new director taking the helm, which was originally supposed to belong to star Thomas Jane.

Lions and Hyenas and the Kalahari Desert! Oh My!

Never mind vampires, werewolves, fishmen, and the sort. There are plenty of real life man-eating monsters roaming the planet right now, and that's exactly what filmmaker Mukunda Michael Dewil is hoping to exploit with his survival horror movie Kalahari.