MTV's Savage County Gets a Release Date

The long talked about and much demanded MTV horror film "Savage County" just landed itself a release date, and we've got the goods on when you'll be able to see it!

My Super Psycho Sweet 16 Part 2 Image Gallery Now Open

Those looking forward to MTV's slasher sequel "My Super Psycho Sweet 16 Part 2" can now whet their proverbial appetites on some brand new imagery that's just shown up over at the show's official site. Check out the lunacy below!

MTV Beats off the Undead in Death Valley

MTV is in love with dabbling in the horror genre right now what with their upcoming projects Teen Wolf and of course My Super Psycho Sweet 16 Part 2 coming at us really soon. So what's next? Why cops vs. monsters of course!

Teaser Trailer Debut: My Super Psycho Sweet 16 Part 2

When making anything slasher related the odds are always pretty good that it's going to have some kind of a sequel. Such is the case for MTV's entertaining little stabfest, "My Super Psycho Sweet 16". That's right, kids!

MTV Wants You to Demand Savage County

Happy with the way that "My Super Psycho Sweet 16" turned out, MTV has jumped back into the horror pool with another feature. This time, though? It's for you to demand whether or not you see it on the network.

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Quick Notes on Teen Wolf

When you think of MTV, you don't exactly expect them to pull off a TV show modeled after the film Teen Wolf and give it any sort of edge at all. We met up with Jeff Davis, producer of Teen Wolf, during the San Diego Comic-Con, who gave us the rundown on what to expect ... and it's not what you'd expect!

My Super Psycho Sweet 16 Getting a Sequel

Fans of MTV's "My Super Psycho Sweet 16" have good reason to be happy today as word just broke that a sequel is on the way ... with a really good director remaining at the helm.

MTV Scares Up Their Weekly Dose of Teen Wolf

MTV must really like the Russell Mulcahey-directed pilot for their CW-esque reinvention of Michael J. Fox's 1985 werewolf comedy Teen Wolf because word is out that the network that actually used to run music video 24 hours a day - I know this might be hard for some of you youngsters to believe - has placed a 12-episode order for a weekly "Teen Wolf" series.

2010 MTV Movie Awards Nominees Announced; New Category for Horror

The nominees for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards have been announced, and shock of the century! The Twilight Saga: New Moon did not garner the most nominations. That honor went to The Hangover, but New Moon does boast a respectable five nominations. In addition, MTV has created a new category that should appeal to horror fans: Best Scared-as-Shit Performance.

MTV To Expose Us to The Truth Below

While it remains a mystery as to what time of the day we should turn on MTV to -- you know -- see a music video or something like that, one thing that is becoming more and more common on the first ever all music network is a place for fans to get their horror fix!

MTV Previews Saturday Night Horror Line-up

I remember when I was a kid back in the early Eighties, MTV was the badass rock and roll cable channel that played nothing but music videos. It was innovative, dangerous to some, and ready to change the face of television. Nowadays I'm not even sure what time to tune in to see a music video as it's now saturated with reality programming and such, but I do know when to tune in to see a horror flick!

Russell Mulcahy Piloting MTV's Teen Wolf to Twilight Glory

He gave us Highlander. But he also gave us Highlander 2: The Quickening. He did give us a man-eating boar in Razorback. But he also gave us The Real McCoy. Most recently he gave us Resident Evil: Extinction and soon he will be giving us the 3D shark film Bait. The career of Russell Mulcahy has always had its ups and downs. Would directing a "Teen Wolf" TV pilot for MTV be considered a high or low?

Casting Update and More Plot Details on MTV's Teen Wolf Series

Four cast members and a more detailed plot synopsis have been released tonight for MTV's reinvisioning of the 1985 Michael J. Fox flick Teen Wolf as a new series for the network.

MTV's Online Series: Savage County -- Trailer

Happy with the way that "My Super Psycho Sweet 16" turned out, MTV is ready to jump back into the horror pool with a film created by David Harris called "Savage County". Time for a quick look! Synopsis

See My Super Psycho Sweet 16 Uncut Now

If you missed My Super Psycho Sweet 16 (review here) on MTV, now’s your chance to check it out uncut.