MTV to Get the Screaming Started with The Dorm

More original horror-themed programming is on its way to MTV (which should just change its name already since the network hasn't focused on music-related programming in years) in the form of a new horror flick called The Dorm, and we have your details right here.

See the Extended Preview of Teen Wolf Episode 3.16 - Illuminated

As promised when we shared a sneak peek clip from next Monday night's Episode 3.16 of "Teen Wolf," entitled "Illumination," an extended preview has arrived from MTV, which of course you can see right here.

Grab Your Glow Sticks and See a Sneak Peek of Teen Wolf Episode 3.16 - Illuminated

The lights are out, and it's party time in Beacon Hills, as this sneak peek of "Teen Wolf" Episode 3.16, "Illuminated," illustrates. Check out the goods, and expect an extended trailer to arrive from MTV shortly.

See an Extended Preview of Teen Wolf Episode 3.15 - Galvanize

"Teen Wolf" Season 3B is moving along nicely, and up next is Episode 3.15, "Galvanize." Here's an extended preview courtesy of MTV. Darkness is coming, Derek's in pain... What else is new?

Exclusive Teen Wolf Video Interview: The Werewolves of London (Hotel)

We caught up with MTV’s hot, howling young werewolves at The London Hotel in Hollywood just one day after the spooky premiere of "Teen Wolf" Season 3B. (Or is it 4? That’s debatable – check out our exclusive video interview for the lowdown on that.)

Teen Wolf Videos: Previews of Episode 3.14 - More Bad Than Good and a Sneak Peek of the Season Ahead

"Teen Wolf" Season 3B kicked off last night with an episode that was better than anything we saw in 3A; can they keep up the momentum? Here are a few previews of the upcoming Episode 3.14, "More Bad Than Good," along with a "Super Tease" of what's ahead during the remainder of the season.

See the New Teen Wolf Season 3B Opening Title Sequence

"Teen Wolf" returns on January 6th with the second half of its super-sized Season 3; and along with a new beast, a mass murderer, ghosts, and insanity, we'll also be getting an updated opening title sequence, which you can see right here!

Teen Wolf Season 3B: Catch Up with the Characters and See Another Sneak Peek of Episode 3.13 - Anchors

We're just a few days away from the January 6th return of "Teen Wolf" with Episode 3.13, "Anchors," and along with another clip, we have a look at MTV's web exclusive "Character Catch-up," in which the cast members shed light on how their characters will evolve during Season 3B.

New Trailer and a Few Sneak Peeks of Teen Wolf Season 3B

"Teen Wolf" returns to MTV on January 6th with its winter premiere, Episode 3.13, "Anchors"; and we have a new trailer and a few sneak peek videos to share. Come on in and catch a glimpse of what's still to come this season!

MTV Adapting Popular Shannara Series with Jon Favreau and Smallville Co-Creators

Terry Brooks' multi-installment Shannara series, estimated to be the highest-selling un-adapted fantasy book series in the world with Brooks considered to be the second-highest-selling living fantasy author, is heading to the small screen on a very unlikely channel...

New Teen Wolf Season 3B Cast Photo and Storyline Details

Looking forward to Part 2 of Season 3 of MTV's "Teen Wolf"? Then check out the new cast photo and these latest details of what's ahead following the show's return early next month.

Latest Teen Wolf Season 3 Part 2 Promo Leads Us Down a Dark Hallway

A rather creepy new promo teaser has arrived for Part 2 of Season 3 of MTV's "Teen Wolf" that ends with Stiles looking a bit worse for the wear. Ready to lose your mind once again?

Teen Wolf Season 3 Part 2 Promo Posters Include a Look at New Cast Member Arden Cho

A batch of new promo posters for the soon to launch Season 3 Part 2 of MTV's "Teen Wolf" has arrived, and along with the usual suspects, they include upgraded cast member Daniel Sharman (Isaac) and newbie Arden Cho, who plays new student - and possible threat - Kira.

Lose Your Mind for These Two New Promo Teasers for Teen Wolf

MTV has continued its "Lose Your Mind" promo campaign for "Teen Wolf" with two more teaser videos to accompany the one we've already seen with Stiles so check out what's ahead for both Scott and Allison.

First Promo Teaser for Teen Wolf Season 3 Part 2 Wakes Up Stiles

"Teen Wolf" returns to MTV on January 6th with the second half of its expanded third season, and the first official teaser video has arrived. Get ready to lose your mind over this "Wake Up Stiles" promo.