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Sleep Tight Headed to VOD and Theatres via Dark Sky Films

Dark Sky Films has just announced its release plans for Sleep Tight (Mientras Duermes), a psychological thriller from director Jaume Balaguero that we've been talking about for some time around these parts. Read on for details.

IFC Midnight Unleashes the Horrors of Penumbra on DVD

Wondering when you'll be able to own Penumbra from Adrián García Bogliano (Rooms for Tourists) and Ramiro García Bogliano (Cold Sweat), which stars Cristina Brondo, Camila Bordonaba and Berta Muñiz? Wonder no more!

New Artwork Will Keep You in Stitches

For Coulrophobics anything having to do with the movie Stitches is kind of like a crucifix to a vampire or a bullet to the head of a zombie. You just want to stay away from it. This latest one-sheet is absolutely no exception. Read on if you dare.

Cannes 2012: Sleep Tight Lands Distro Through MPI Media Group/Dark Sky Films; New Still Released

MPI Media Group has announced its acquisition at the Cannes Film Market of all North American rights to Sleep Tight (Mientras Duermes), a psychological thriller from director Jaume Balaguero that we've been talking about for some time around these parts, and provided a new still.

Stitches Is Ready for His Close-Up

Seriously ... if you suffer from Coulrophobia, do yourself a favor and skip this entire article. No good will come of it for you. Just move on; there's nothing to see here. Not even your first good look at a murderous one-eyed clown. Move along now. Thanks for coming. See ya later.

Cold Sweat (Sudor Frio) (DVD)

Starring Facundo Espinosa, Marina Glezer, Camila Velasco, Omar Musa, Omar Gioiosa Directed by Adrián García Bogliano

Exclusive Interview: Co-writer/Director Adrián García Bogliano Talks Cold Sweat, Argentinian Politics, Future Projects and More!

After an incredible festival run throughout 2011, co-writer and director Adrián García Bogliano is celebrating the release of his latest thriller Sudor Fríos - or Cold Sweat for all you gringos out there - on DVD shelves everywhere on January 17th courtesy of Dark Sky Films and MPI Media Group.

Stitches Wraps! First Official Still!

If you suffer from Coulrophobia, you may just want to skip this entire article. However, if the thought of a super-evil clown more than floats your boat, brothers and sisters, you've just hit paydirt!

AFM 2011: MPI Gets Stitches

And MPI Media Group continues forth on its journey to be one of the horror genre's best friends by adding a little zombie mayhem to its growing terror-filled canon. Read on for all of the details right here!

MPI Media Group Acquires Emily Hagins' My Sucky Teen Romance

MPI Media Group has announced it has acquired all North American rights to My Sucky Teen Romance, the highly sought after breakthrough feature film from 18-year-old writer/director Emily Hagins. A spring 2012 theatrical release is planned for the film, to be followed by DVD and Video on Demand availability.

The Human Centipede (First Sequence) Blu-ray and DVD Specs

Ever since we got word that Tom Six's The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (review here) is coming to DVD and Blu-ray on October 5th from IFC Films and MPI Media Group, we've been anxiously awaiting the full list of extra features that will be included. Today that wait is officially over. The DVD and Blu-ray will both be available as bonus-filled, unrated versions that include: * Deleted scenes * Behind-the-scenes footage * An interview with Tom Six * Casting

Dead Snow (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Vegard Hoel, Stig Frode Henriksen, Charlotte Frogner, Jenny Skavlan, Jeppe Beck Laursen Directed by Tommy Wirkola Distributed by MPI Media Group

Mario Batali to Serve a Bitter Feast

Fans of the Food Network know the name of chef Mario Batali very well. There's no question the guy can cook, but horror fans are more interested in how well he can chop!

Wild Man of the Navidad DVD News

Yesterday we told you about MPI Media Group distributing IFC's DVD releases. Filmmaker Duane Graves has since sent me details about the August DVD release of his The Wild Man of the Navidad, "a Southern fried creature feature with a slasher movie twist." They really ought to put that line on the cover.

MPI Media to Distribute Future IFC Films

What with all the independent horror films IFC has been snapping up the rights to lately, they are quickly becoming one of the genre's best friends.