The Parents Television Council Fires Back at the MPAA

Another dagger has been heatedly thrown the way of the MPAA, and honestly? We couldn't be happier about it. For years the imposed rating system has been screwing with the horror genre, editing our flicks as other more violent big studio/budget films get by unscathed.

The MPAA Strikes Again; Bans Poster for Stevan Mena's Bereavement

Hot on the heels of its derailment of Dark Sky's unrated release of Adam Green's Hatchet II in AMC theatres this past October, the MPAA has struck another blow against our genre with its banning of the poster for Stevan Mena's Bereavement.

Let Me In and Hereafter MPAA Ratings

Two upcoming genre films, Let Me In and Hereafter, have received their MPAA ratings, meaning you'll know what to expect if you're planning on checking out either or both of them.

Upcoming Horrors Get a Rating: Altitude, [REC] 2, and The Killer Inside Me

Nope, there was no PG-13 fare included in the MPAA's latest round of ratings. Oh happy day! Altitude, [REC] 2, and The Killer Inside Me all scored an R. Ready to know what for? That is, after all, half the fun!

The Reeds and The Descent Part 2 Earn Themselves an R

There's not a day that goes by that we're not grateful that the MPAA has removed the stick that was lodged firmly up its ass in the Eighties and parts of the Nineties regarding horror movies. Those of you too young to remember missed some seriously dark days. Throat slashings with no blood. Chainsaw massacres without violence. It really sucked. In any event, let's put all that behind us in the interest of playing nice, shall we?