#SDCC14: Gareth Edwards Will Return to Direct Godzilla 2, Big G Will Face Off Against Classic Monsters!

In news likely to have the whole Dread Central office squealing with delight, Legendary Pictures confirmed today via its SDCC '14 panel that Gareth Edwards will return to direct Godzilla 2 and that fans can also expect more familiar monstrous faces to show up. Which ones? Read on to find out!

Sony Bringing More Toho Godzilla Collection Titles to Blu-ray Along with the Mothra Trilogy

When Sony released a slew of Heisei and Millennium series Godzilla movies as double feature Blu-rays this May, there were several noticeably absent titles. Those three films and a trio of modern Mothra flicks are finally due on Blu.

B-Sides: Mothra’s Song Gets a 1990's J-Pop Makeover

If you’ve ever seen a movie featuring Mothra, then you know the song those two tiny twin fairies serenade their giant bug goddess with. When Toho resurrected her for 1992’s Godzilla vs. Mothra, they decided “Mothra’s Song” needed to get with the times with a peppy Japanese pop makeover.

Your Favorite Japanese Kaijus X-Rayed! Godzilla and More!

Ever wonder what makes your favorite giant monsters tick? Other than a tiny Asian man, what would be in these creatures should they actually exist? How big would their brains be? Now's your chance to find out!

Motion Picture Purgatory: Mothra

Now this is what we call serendipity! In an interesting counterpoint to the recent news stories about a potential new American version of Godzilla, Trembles' MPP this week is about Mothra. Let's just hope it doesn't give anyone any ideas about another remake!

Icons of Sci-Fi Toho Collection (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Mothra (1961) Frankie Sakai, Hiroshi Koizumi, Emi Ito, Yûmi Ito, The H-Man (1958) Yumi Shirakawa, Kenji Sahara, Akihiko Hirata, Koreya Senda, Battle in Outer Space(1959) Ryo Ikebe, Kyôko Anzai, Koreya Senda, Minoru Takada All films directed by Ishirô Honda

Cover Art and Stills from Sonys Upcoming Icons of Sci-Fi: Toho

Those of you yearning for the golden age of monster movies, where a man in a zipper suit wreaked havoc on a miniature set of downtown Tokyo, can get your fix on October 18th, courtesy of the Sony Pictures Entertainment release, Icons of Sci-Fi - Toho. Read on for a look at the DVD cover art and some stills to whet your appetite for some old school carnage!