Syfy's Mothman Flies Home October 25th Via Lionsgate

Here's one you've been STARVING for, am I right? Um ... hello? Seriously, guys, come on ... well, okay. Be a pissy pants. See if we care. The flick is hitting DVD anyway!

The Mothman Flutters its Way to DVD for Lionsgate

There's no doubt about it. The legend of the Mothman is a truly frightening one. So frightening in fact that his monstrous presence has graced several movies, the latest of which is heading to home video in October.

Mothman (2010)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Jewel Staite, Connor Fox, Jerry Leggio, Kennon Kepper, Susie Ambromeit Directed by Sheldon Wilson

Mothman Q&A With Stars Jewel Staite and Connor Fox

This Saturday night marks the premiere of Syfy's latest cryptozoological creature feature, Mothman. Earlier this week I somehow got invited to get up extra early (by my standards) to take part in a conference call Q&A with stars Jewel Staite and Connor Fox.

Syfy's Mothman Spreads Its Wings in New Clip

Despite the promising looking poster art that was being shown around at AFM a few months ago, the first clip for Syfy's Mothman had made its way online to prove that it's more of the same goofy stuff we can expect from the network. Sigh.

Firefly Star Encounters Mothman on Syfy

No relation to the awful Mothman Prophecies movie (if you ever read the book, then you know why I just described the film as awful; and if you have never read the book, you should and then you, too, will realize why the film was so lame), Syfy has finally checked off enough other cryptids from its list to make a new film about the Mothman starring a "Firefly".