Morgan O'Neill

Factory, The (DVD)

Starring John Cusack, Jennifer Carpenter, Dallas Roberts, Mae Whitman Directed by Morgan O’Neill

Exclusive Clip from The Factory Home to Missing Girls

Hitting home video February 19th is the long awaited flick from Warner Brothers The Factory, and we have an exclusive clip for you cats to sink your teeth into. Check it out, and look for our review very soon!

Warner Bros. Finally Opening The Factory on DVD

We actually rubbed our eyes to make sure we were really seeing this happen. The Factory starring John Cusack and Jennifer Carpenter is finally getting a home video release. It sure has been a long road considering the flick went into production during 2007.

John Cusack Sneaks into Theatres Today with The Factory

It isn't often that a big star like John Cusack has a film come out that hardly anyone has even heard of, but that's the case with The Factory, written by Morgan O'Neill and Paul Leyden and directed by O'Neill, which lands in theatres via a limited release today, December 19th, by Warner Bros.

New Stills from Crime Thriller The Factory

Its release date is still up in the air, but some new stills from The Factory starring John Cusack and Jennifer Carpenter have shown up online, and we have them for you here.