Trevor Munson Talks Angel of Vengeance, Moonlight, and More

CBS series "Moonlight" won a People's Choice award in 2008 so it was obviously popular. Hopefully all those voters will check out the book on which it was based, Angel of Vengeance. While the adventures of Mick St. John provided pretty decent television, it was quite a bit more enjoyable following Mick Angel around the dirty Hollywood streets.

Vamp Drama Moonlight Returning to the Airwaves!

Were you a fan of the series Moonlight starring Alex O'Loughlin? Or maybe, like me, you missed it during its brief run and always wondered what the fuss was about. In either case you should be happy to hear that The CW will be showing reruns of the much beloved Moonlight on Thursday nights beginning June 3rd.

The Envelope Please ... 2009 Saturn Award Winners!

There weren't a lot of horror films honored during the 35th Annual Saturn Awards, presented by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films, but those that were certainly are deserving.

Own An Actual Box of Moonlight

I freely admit to having only seen a few minutes of CBS's "Forever Night"-ish vampire detective series "Moonlight" and coming away quite unimpressed. I assume most people agreed since CBS staked the low-rated series after one season. Yet it clearly developed a devoted following; there was a fervent online campaign to save the series and efforts were made to sell the show to another network - all for naught.

Fans Ready to Bleed for Moonlight

We haven't done much coverage of the CBS series "Moonlight" other than Melissa's Look at the Moonlight Premiere, but it seems to have developed quite a loyal fanbase.

A Look at the Moonlight Premiere

This season there seems to be a rash of horror-themed television programs hitting the airwaves, which is very perplexing to me ... I’m already too damn busy and now I have to watch TV too!?!