Max Martini to Mix it Up in Pacific Rim

Some quick casting news coming in for Guillermo del Toro's upcoming monster mash, Pacific Rim. Yet another actor has signed up for active duty in the creature killin' department. Read on for details.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Pacific Rim Emblem Art

Something kind of cool coming out of the Legendary panel at the San Diego Comic-Con! Your first look at uniform emblem for Guillermo del Toro's upcoming monster mash, Pacific Rim. Del Toro’s film has quietly booked itself into Pinewood Toronto Studios with the working title Still Seas for a six-month shoot through April 2012.

More Mayhem in New Trailer for El Monstro Del Mar!

Ready for a bit of new eye candy for a movie featuring a badass monster and hot Aussie chicks? If you said yes, get ready to take in a brand spanking new trailer for the latest import from the Outback!

Syfy Original Roadkill Wreaking Havoc on DVD August 16th

Roadkill, part of Syfy's fan-favorite "Maneater" series, hits DVD this coming August 16th from RHI Entertainment and Vivendi Entertainment. Read on for a look at the cover art.

Pacific Rim Sets a Start Date

It's happening, kids! Guillermo del Toro officially has a start date to begin filming his latest monster mash for Legendary Pictures, Pacific Rim! Read on for the details of exactly when all this lunacy is set to begin.

Pack, The (UK DVD)

Starring Yolanda Moreau, Émilie Dequenne, Benjamin Biolay, Philippe Nahon Directed by Franck Richard Distributed by Icon Home Entertainment

Dread Central Salutes The 2011 Saturn Award Winners!

If you follow the horror genre at all, then you know that winning a Saturn Award is akin to taking home Oscar gold (since horror is generally overlooked by the Academy Awards, this year notwithstanding), and the prestige of taking home that golden symbol of all that is great about our beloved genre is an achievement that is definitely worth celebrating.

2011 Saturn Award Winners Announced

The 37th Annual Saturn Awards show is history, and we've got all the details on the winners and more! Read on for the gory details, and big time congratulations to everyone who took home that precious, precious gold!

First Review: Evidence - One of the Most Psycho Flicks We've Ever Seen!

Every now and again a flick comes along that gets our attention in a big way by defying the odds and pulling off something that is, for the most part, completely unique. Howie Askins' Evidence is exactly that kind of experience.

Evidence (2011)

Starring Ryan McCoy, Brett Rosenberg, Abigail Richie, Ashley Bracken Directed by Howie Askins

TCM Airing Drive-In Monster Movie Marathons Every Thursday in June

Assuming you have a humongous front door or outstanding insurance, Thursdays in June will be good night to pull your car into the living room, park it in front of your flatscreen, turn the channel to TCM, and try to relive the golden age of drive-in monster movies as TCM is loading its schedule this month with nothing but classic old school monster movies.

Badass Sales Trailer Debut - Hypothermia

Get ready to feast your eyes on what's likely to be the best damned trailer we'll see all week. Hell, maybe even all month. We've been talking about Hypothermia for a while. Now we'll let it start talking for itself.

Monsters 2 Gets a Pair of Directors and a Plot Outline

Well, this is some interesting news. According to Screen Daily UK producer-distributor Vertigo Films is ramping up the sequel for Gareth Edwards' Monsters. They've already signed on a pair of directors and provided a brief description of what we can expect.

Exclusive New One-Sheet Debut - Evidence

We're pretty excited for you guys to actually dig on the last cinéma-vérité style horror flick, Evidence. What exactly is there evidence of, you're wondering? Let's just put it this way ... it's anything but human.

All New Trailer and First Clip from the Insane Cinéma-vérité Experience - Evidence

Since we pretty much discovered the phenom that is Paranormal Activity years before its release and pop culture explosion, indie filmmakers have been sending us their cinéma-vérité style horror flicks ever since. Literally we're inundated with them. Sadly most suck but every now and again one catches our eyes and blows our minds.