Screamfest LA 2011: Rites of Spring Trailer Makes its Premiere

Premiering Saturday, October 22nd, at 12:00 noon as part of the 2011 Screamfest LA is the much-talked about creature feature Rites of Spring, and we have your hot ticket to see the trailer right here. Dig it!

Diego Klattenhoff to Ride del Toro's Pacific Rim

And the cast for Guillermo del Toro's latest monster mash, Pacific Rim, continues to grow bigger. That's right, kids. Who's the latest addition to sign up for active duty? Read on for all of the details.

Exclusive Clip From Evidence Shows Off Some of the Flick's Lunacy!

It's been a while since last we brought you anything regarding the psycho cinéma-vérité style horror flick Evidence, but with the passage of time comes good things. Like exclusive clips featuring .... well, see for yourself.

Bad Stuff Happening Underground

A new trailer has surfaced from the depths of the internet for the latest "maybe we shouldn't go exploring down there" flick to come our way, Underground. The usual terrors ensue. Check it.

Screamfest LA 2011: Three New Images from Creature Feature Rites of Spring

Monster movies should be a no-brainer. That's why we're astounded that this week's incoherent Creature failed so incredibly miserably. Good thing we've got some Rites of Spring imagery to make us feel better.

Clifton Collins, Jr. Joins Pacific Rim

Well, we can now add yet another great actor to the ever growing list of talent lining up for active duty in the latest big screen creature feature, Pacific Rim. We only pray the monsters will be as good as this cast!

Gamera 3 and Daimajin Stomping Their Way to Blu-ray

Many widely consider Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris the best daikaiju movie since the original Godzilla. Since the first two are already on Blu-ray, it only makes that this final installment in the epic 1990’s Gamera trilogy finally get its blu due, as well as a certain giant stone samurai.

Guillermo del Toro Talks Pacific Rim and At the Mountains of Madness

With At the Mountains of Madness sitting sadly on the back burner for now, all eyes are on Guillermo del Toro and his upcoming monsters vs. giant robots flick Pacific Rim. The prolific filmmaker recently sat down with MTV to drop a couple of tasty tidbits of what to expect once the flick starts stomping around theatres courtesy of Legendary Pictures.

Luke Goss vs. Monsters Inside

There's never a bad time to report on a new monster movie. There are few things on this planet we like more. Another one is on tap, this time coming from The Highland Film Group, and we've got the skinny for you right here!

Rob Kazinsky Joins Pacific Rim, Willem Dafoe to Follow?

We, like many of you, cannot wait for the latest Guillermo del Toro monster mash Pacific Rim to make it to the big screen. Some more casting news has rolled in and we have all the details for you right here!

Max Martini to Mix it Up in Pacific Rim

Some quick casting news coming in for Guillermo del Toro's upcoming monster mash, Pacific Rim. Yet another actor has signed up for active duty in the creature killin' department. Read on for details.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Pacific Rim Emblem Art

Something kind of cool coming out of the Legendary panel at the San Diego Comic-Con! Your first look at uniform emblem for Guillermo del Toro's upcoming monster mash, Pacific Rim. Del Toro’s film has quietly booked itself into Pinewood Toronto Studios with the working title Still Seas for a six-month shoot through April 2012.

More Mayhem in New Trailer for El Monstro Del Mar!

Ready for a bit of new eye candy for a movie featuring a badass monster and hot Aussie chicks? If you said yes, get ready to take in a brand spanking new trailer for the latest import from the Outback!

Syfy Original Roadkill Wreaking Havoc on DVD August 16th

Roadkill, part of Syfy's fan-favorite "Maneater" series, hits DVD this coming August 16th from RHI Entertainment and Vivendi Entertainment. Read on for a look at the cover art.

Pacific Rim Sets a Start Date

It's happening, kids! Guillermo del Toro officially has a start date to begin filming his latest monster mash for Legendary Pictures, Pacific Rim! Read on for the details of exactly when all this lunacy is set to begin.