Exclusive Cloverfield Info!

A few months back I wrote an article about information I'd received from an insider source regarding an upcoming Sci-Fi Channel original movie premiering later this month called Mega Snake. In that article I bemoaned how I never get scoops on any big screen movies, just direct-to-DVD and Sci-Fi Channel stuff.

OC Scribe to Deliver Horror?

Wow, what a wacky concept! Okay, try and stay with me here; the pitch is a buddy cop show, right? But in a “hilariously horrifying” twist, the buddies are dedicated to bringing vampires, werewolves, and other creatures of the night to justice! My God what a great, original concept!

Gillman With a Taste for Redneck

Now here's a movie after my own heart - Creature from the Hillbilly Lagoon. A group of college students run afoul of a band of inbred rednecks, but making matters worse is the gillman monster spawned from toxic waste dumped into a nearby lagoon. Expect plenty of cheap, cheesy, gory, gooey, rubber-suited fishman on a rampage action. They don't make enough movies of this ilk for my take, and when they do they're usually of the Rana, The Legend of Shadow Lake variety.

20 Million Miles to Earth (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring William Hopper, Joan Taylor, Frank Puglia, John Zaremba, Thomas Browne Henry Directed by Nathan Juran

Petty Loves His Monsters

Maybe I’m just weird, but if I were in a situation in which I had to face the very real possibility of being eaten alive by nasty underground creatures, I think I would be at peace with that.

Host, The (DVD)

Reviewed by Syxx Starring Kang-Ho Song, Hie-bong Byeon, Hae-il Park, Du-na Bae and Ah-sung Ko Directed by Bong Joon-Ho Distributed by Magnolia Home Entertainment

Host Snatches Some New Artwork

Not too long we told you about the ballsy Asian horror movie The Host (review) pulling out all the stops by jumping on every available DVD format right here. Though the news about the film having four different releases come July 24th is old, the cover art for the discs is not. Here is a rundown of what you will be able to find on each disc type:

Exclusive: J.T. Petty Talks Burrowers!

So recently you may recall we showed you the first piece of teaser art from J.T. (Soft for Digging, Mimic: Sentinel) Petty’s upcoming monster movie, The Burrowers (see it here), a movie that’s been in one form of pre-production or another for years now, but we’ve never lost track of.

First Burrowers Casting News!

Following up on the first look at test art for JT Petty’s long-delayed monster movie The Burrowers (see it here), the boys at Bloody Disgusting got the first bit of casting news for the project today.

Lordi, Lordi! The Movie?!

We last told you about Lordi's movie project here. Things have been moving pretty well since then for the band. Variety is reporting that Lordi started shooting their film, Dark Floors, this month and the entire project will be ready for Christmas!

Host Goes Multi-Format In July

There is some good news for those of us who were unable to get The Host Limited Complete Edition DVD (review here) because of either the price or the sad fact that we lack a multi-region DVD player.

See Award-Winning Host Free!

Well, The Host sure is doing well outside of the US, where it got a decent release instead of just an arthouse run (don’t think I’m complaining; it’s better than nothing) and it was announced via the trades today that the film picked up a total of 4 Asian Film Awards at the recent inaugural event.

Visiting The Host's Orphanage

In celebration of this weekend’s U.S. release of The Host, Dread Central was invited out to The Orphanage to sit down with Visual FX Supervisor Kevin Rafferty, who discussed the creation of the great Korean beast.

Host, The: Limited Complete Edition (DVD)

Reviewed by Andrew Kasch Starring Kang-ho Song, Hie-Bong Byeon, Hae-il Park, Du-ne Bae Directed by Bong Joon-ho Distributed by KD Media

Clix Enters The Lab!

The traveling man/toy expert known as Nomad forwarded some new information over to us from the folks at WizKids, Inc., creators of the wildly popular HorrorClix game, with the news that the first expansion for the series is making its way to stores now. Called simply The Lab, this add-on features a total of 96 new miniature monsters to collect from Zombie Astronauts to Pod Creatures and more! You can see some pics from the add-on below, but that’s the tip of the tip of the iceberg in terms of all the cool new minuscule mutations they have to offer.