Pacific Rim Character Posters and Companion Book

More Pacific Rim themed goodness has arrived in the form of character posters showing off Charlie Hunnam as Jaeger pilot Raleigh Becket and Rinko Kikuchi as Jaeger pilot Mako Mori as well as your first look at the cover art for the companion book Pacific Rim: Man, Machines & Monsters.

Pacific Rim - Do Your Part in the Fight Against the Kaiju

So giant monsters have invaded our world and are laying waste to all we hold dear. Where do you fit in? What can you do against these creatures? How can you help? Well, now is your chance to find out where you belong!

Pacific Rim Friday Bonanza: UK Football Competition Spot and Details; Moments Worth Paying For Trailer

Some new goodies have come in for Pacific Rim to kick off your weekend, and our readers across the pond will want to pay special attention to the "Ultimate Football Experience" contest over on the film's UK Facebook page.

Mega-Sized Banner for Pacific Rim Unleashed

Want to see something absolutely insane? Legendary Pictures has released the largest damned banner we've ever seen in promotion of Pacific Rim, and we have the entire thing for you here! Dig it!

New Pacific Rim Trailer Made Specifically for Japan

More Pacific Rim goodies have washed up online, and like the obsessive beachcombers that we are, we detected the goodies, dug them out, and now present them to you here along with an intro from Guillermo del Toro!

New Pacific Rim Poster Rushes to the Rescue

Another one-sheet is here for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim, and we have it for you, giant robots and all. Seriously, this flick cannot get here soon enough. If only we had a time machine. Someone get on that. Like now please. Thanks, we'll wait.

A Banner Monster Battle for Pacific Rim

With every day that passes we get a little more excited for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim. Especially since now some really cool things are coming out in promotion of it. Speaking of which, check out this new banner which is as badass as they come.

Geek Boner Alert: Jaw Dropping Pacific Rim Con Footage

Can't control self. Hard to type. Must see. Must watch again and again. Pacific Rim WonderCon footage. Oh my god. Just. Oh my god. Stop reading this. Go. Click. Consume. Drool. Sweet lord! Just watch...

Latest Pacific Rim Viral a Matter of Life and Death

More eye candy has hit the net for Pacific Rim in the form of yet another propaganda poster. I tell you this... when this puppy hits Blu-ray months from now, it's going to be packing one hell of an image gallery.

Geek Boner Alert: New Pacific Rim One-Sheet Will Have You Walking Funny

Oh, the joy this latest one-sheet for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim fills us with! It's immeasurable. There's just so much right about it. We suspect many a wallpaper will be made out of this baby. Check it out!

Latest Pacific Rim Viral Engineered to Win

Another propaganda poster for Guillermo del Toro's upcoming giant robot vs. giant monster extravaganza, Pacific Rim, has arrived; and like the others in this series, it's all about stomping some Kaiju ass!

New Pacific Rim Viral is the Key to Victory

Another propaganda poster for Pacific Rim has arrived, and it reminds us just what we need to win this war against the Kaiju, who would like nothing more than to stomp a mudhole in our planet. Dig it!

New Pacific Rim Viral is ALWAYS Ready

Let's be honest... should a group of gigantic creatures immediately start laying waste to the planet, you'd want someone to be ready and waiting to do something about it, right? Well, rest easy, kids. We are covered!

International Pacific Rim TV Spot Cancels the Apocalypse

No signs. No monster poop. No images of just robots. This latest international TV spot for Pacific Rim gives us exactly what we wanna see... giant monster mayhem. Check it out and wish we could go forward in time just to see the whole movie!

Game of Thrones Star Joe Dempsie Talks Monsters: Dark Continent

With the sequel to Monsters coming along nicely, recently star Joe Dempsie took some time out to talk about the sequel entitled Monsters: Dark Continent. What can we expect? The answer may surprise you. Read on for details.