Horror History: Atomic Age Terror Shock and Horror

Sit back, kids! Because the Foywonder is about to expose you to an assortment of terrors from years gone by! Creatures so horrifying and hyperbolic that one cannot help but long for the much simpler times these baddies haunted.

Warner Brothers to Adapt Rick Yancey's The Monstrumologist

Around five years ago our own "Belle from Hell," Elaine Lamkin, rewarded Rick Yancey's The Monstrumologist (review) with a five-knife rating, and apparently Warner Bros. agrees with her because they've just picked up the rights to Yancey's entire four-book series.

He's How Big? Check Out This Official Monster Size Guide!

Ever wondered exactly how big your favorite movie monster is in comparison to other beasties and maybe even yourself? Check out the graphic here to see just how everything sizes up.

Monsters: Dark Continent Kicks Up A Trailer

On the eve of Godzilla's release, Protagonist Pictures has unveiled the trailer for their own giant monster movie. A sequel to a film genre fans really dug in 2010. Well played, folks, no better time to grab that interest.

Monsters: The Complete Series (DVD)

Starring Steve Buscemi, Lily Taylor, Chris Noth, Deborah Harry, and many more! Directed by Various

Images Provides First Look at the Beasts from Monsters: Dark Continent

It was the impressive 2010 film Monsters that led to Gareth Edwards landing in the director's chair for next month's Godzilla, and this year the film gets a sequel in the form of Monsters: Dark Continent, which Protagonist Pictures is bringing to the Cannes Film Festival.

Monsters Collection Checking in a Bit Later

Apologies, but due to supernatural circumstances beyond our grasp or comprehension, the street date for "Monsters: The Complete Series" will be slithering to March 18 (from the previously announced March 4). Please plan out your carnage accordingly.

Official Monsters DVD Artwork and Details

The 1988 series "Monsters" played opposite "Tales from the Darkside" in syndication for many years and, as reported earlier, is on its way to DVD from eOne. Read on for the artwork and all the details you need to help get your creature on!

Much Beloved TV Show Monsters: The Complete Series Finally Coming to DVD

Any horror fan who grew up in the Eighties who's worth his or her salt has fond memories of the 1988 series "Monsters." For many years it played opposite "Tales from the Darkside" in syndication, and now, thanks to eOne, it's finally coming home.

AFM 2013: First Sales Art Arrives for Monsters: The Dark Continent

Just in time for this year's AFM comes the first artwork for the sequel to Gareth Edward's Monsters, entitled Monsters: The Dark Continent, and we have it for you right here! Dig it!

Travel With the Military in First Look at Monsters: Dark Continent

Empire Online scored the first clip from the sequel to Gareth Edward's Monsters, entitled Monsters: Dark Continent, and we have it for you right here through the magic of the embed code! Dig it!

How Would You Make a Monster? Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Wants to Bring Your Worst Nightmare to Life!

Just what does that monster living under your bed look like? If you can create a design, Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights is ready to bring it to life! Read on for the details of a cool and unique contest.

New Pacific Rim Stills Filled with Death and Destruction

If you thought you possibly couldn't get more excited for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim, then you obviously haven't seen these latest stills, which certainly speak for themselves. Is it July yet?

New Banner and Character Poster for Pacific Rim

And the Pacific Rim goodies just keep coming with no sign of slowing down. Next up are a new banner and character poster. Check 'em both out now, and at the rate they're going, expect more in about 10 minutes.

Take a Peek at the Opening Pages of Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero

The graphic novel prequel to Pacific Rim entitled Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero is heading at us like a speeding explosive rocket to the head of rampaging Kaiju and we have a look at the opening pages for you!