Mondo Tees

The Deadly Spawn Takes a Bite out of Vinyl

Remember in the last story when we said Mondo was showing no signs of slowing down in 2013? As we were hitting the publish button, an e-mail came in alerting us that the wonderful sickos there are also releasing The Deadly Spawn soundtrack to vinyl!

Mondo Takes Us Back to Jurassic Park

Throughout 2012 Mondo Tees has created some of the best damned limited edition poster art we've ever seen, and in 2013 they're showing no signs of slowing down. Next on tap for you cats is a two-variation trip back to Jurassic Park.

Paranormal Activity Gets the Mondo Poster Treatment

While everyone's buzzing about Paranormal Activity 4 (review) coming out this Friday, the good folks at Mondo are putting their own spin on the film with two cool new limited edition posters!

The Cabin in the Woods - Mondo Style

If you were in attendance at the Alamo Drafthouse screening of The Cabin in the Woods down in Austin, Texas then your eyes no doubt caught sight of the beauty that is the new Mondo Tees poster. If not, no worries! You can see it here!

Mondo Officially on the Kill List

The wonderfully demented artists over at Mondo Tees have unveiled yet another bitchin' poster for collectors to salivate over. Next up... some cool art for Ben Wheatley's Kill List.

Mondo Puts the Bite On with Dracula

And what better way to cap off the stellar year that Mondo Tees has had than with yet another incredible take on one of our genre's most beloved monsters? Keep those credit cards handy, kids; these puppies are gonna go FAST!

Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo Present the Second Print in Their Jurassic Park Poster Series

As they promised in early September, Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo revealed today the second print in their Jurassic Park poster series with the latest entry coming to us from artist JC Richard. Read on to see it in its entirety and learn when you can order it for your personal collection.

Welcome to Jurassic Park - Mondo Style!

They've done it again. Every single time we find an e-mail in our inbox from the good folks over at Mondo Tees, we end up opening it, staring at the staggeringly incredible artwork that appears before us, and then ruining the shirts we are wearing because of all of the drool. Sigh.

New Mondo Dream Warriors Print Gets You High!

Every time Mondo Tees comes out with a new horror themed print is cause for celebration. They've done incredible justice to everyone from the original Frankenstein to Scream's Ghostface. Next up - a print for A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors that has us drooling like a junkie needing a fix!

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Mondo Brings Unique Art Boutique to the Show

Mondo is busting its Comic-Con cherry! With some of the most creative and visually stunning cinematic artwork available today, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema's collectible art boutique, Mondo, will be taking San Diego Comic-Con by storm and will certainly fit right in.

Quite Possibly the Greatest Frankenstein Print EVER

For many, many months the good folks over at Austin's Mondo Tees have been delivering truly amazing horror themed artwork for lots of our favorite films. Pair them with the great Drew Struzan, and what do you get? A masterpiece, that's what.

Mindblowing New Scream and A Nightmare on Elm Street One-Sheets

For years now the good folks over at Mondo Tees have been doling out incredible artwork based upon our favorite films. It's with no degree of exaggeration that we say they may just have outdone themselves with these latest two.

8-Bit Style Hobo With a Shotgun Video Game Brings Pixelated Violence!

Ah, the 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment system. You had it all. The Zapper, a Robotic Operating Buddy, and now even though you're gone, your spirit lives on through the Hobo With a Shotgun video game. So good! From the Press Release

Buy Yourself Some Cool Frozen and House of the Devil Retro Posters

It seems like lately the more retro something is, the cooler it is. Maybe that's because things are really rough nowadays and hearkening back to what we perceive to be a simpler time brings us a few much needed smiles. Or maybe it's that at the very least movie posters were so much cooler back in the day before the era of floating heads.