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ATEAM's Dark Summoner Game Gets Exclusive Creatures from Artist H.R. Giger

ATEAM has announced that its hit iOS and Android game Dark Summoner will feature three exclusive creatures created by legendary artist H.R. Giger, and we have the details plus a look at them all right here.

NARR8 Adds New Horror Series Prime Blood to its Mobile Platform

NARR8 is an interactive book series for mobile devices that delivers some incredible content. We've covered several of NARR8's genre tales in the past and are pleased to tell you that they've now added a series entitled Prime Blood that looks right up our alley.

NARR8 Takes The Story To Android Devices

NARR8 has revealed that you can now get your favorite interactive horror and sci-fi stories on your Android devices. Experience reading your content like never before with the tap of the screen. Read on to learn more.

NARR8 Hits The App Store With Great Valentine's Day Content

The free iPad App NARR8 is now on the App store and is arriving on Android on February 19th. Get your favorite horror comics and interactive tales straight to your mobile devices. Celebrate Valentine's Day with NARR8 with fun events, contests and content! Read on to learn more.

Fairy Tales Just Got Hotter for Zombie Panic in Wonderland

Akaoni Studio's Zombie Panic in Wonderland PLUS is now available for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. The game takes the popular fairy tale characters we all grew up with and turns them into demented zombie killers! Is nothing sacred to these undead flesh-eaters?

Tommy Wiseau Takes On Curio

Tommy Wiseau and BrainBlast Games have teamed up to bring you a great new trailer for Curio, a 2D side-scrolling horror game that tells the insane story of Ron Templeton III. If running around an asylum for the criminally insane to escape a lobotomy sounds like a good time to you, then keep on reading!

Dark Legends Teases Us With New Trailer

Dark Legends releases for Android, iOS and Chrome in the first quarter of 2012. To get your blood flowing, we have the latest trailer to help you survive until the game's release! Read on for details.

Heads Up Lovecraft Fans! New Game - Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land - Released Today

Who knew fighting off an invading demonic force during the middle of World War I could be fun? Red Wasp Design released its new title Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land today for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch; and it allows you to do just that.

Live a Magical Childhood Adventure in Kids vs. Goblins

Kids vs. Goblins. It doesn't sound like a fair fight, does it? Well, in Stolen Couch Games' new RPG for iPad, it may be the goblins who have gotten in over their head. These kids are out for blood!

Dark Legends Set for Early 2012 Release

What's the best way to make an awesome RPG even better? By casting legions of the undead as the main characters and enemies in the game of course!

Mad Scientists Abound in Curio

The iPhone is really turning out to be one helluva viable gaming platform, and honestly? We never saw that coming. Still, games are being released by the dozens, and this latest one that caught our attention has us really curious!

CD-ROM Classic The 7th Guest Haunts the iPad and iPhone

Screw Myst! One of the all-time great horror games - the haunted-house classic The 7th Guest - has just been resurrected in a new port for the iPhone and iPad, and it’s every bit as creepy as it was back in the day. Ain’t nostalgia great?