Misha Collins

Unlock Some New Key Art for Supernatural Season 9

Some pretty good-looking new key art has arrived for Season 9 of "Supernatural" featuring all four of the show's leads sitting comfortably in a lockdown situation. They'll be busting out of their prisons in just a little over a week!

Castiel and Crowley Remind Us Supernatural Season 9 Airs on Tuesdays in New Promo

Ready for another awesome promo for "Supernatural" Season 9? We have one for you right here featuring fan favorites Castiel (Misha Collins) and Crowley (Mark Sheppard).

Get a Sneak Peek of the Supernatural Season 8 Finale Episode 8.23 - Sacrifice

The Winchesters offer to show Crowley theirs if he'll show them his in this clip from the Season 8 finale, Episode 8.23, "Sacrifice." What exactly are they all "showing"? Not their dangly bits, that's for sure! Watch it and find out!

Image Gallery for Supernatural Season Finale Episode 8.23 - Sacrifice

With the fate of both Heaven and Hell hanging in the balance, we're looking for any info we can get on the Season 8 finale of "Supernatural," entitled "Sacrifice." Will someone have to make the ultimate sacrifice? Check out these stills for clues!

Make the Ultimate "Sacrifice" and Watch a Preview of the Supernatural Season 8 Finale

Hard to believe, but it's already time for the "Supernatural" Season 8 finale, and we have a preview of Episode 8.23, "Sacrifice," to share. Will Sam be successful in the Third Trial? Only time will tell!

It's Time to Confess in this Sneak Peek of Supernatural Episode 8.22 - Clip Show

Sam and Dean visit a priest in this clip just posted by The CW for "Supernatural" Episode 8.22, "Clip Show," and now that the series is done with filler shows for the rest of the season, we can't wait to see how Sam's attempt to turn a demon in the Third Trial works out.

Massive Image Gallery and Preview of Supernatural Episode 8.22 - Clip Show

Just two episodes are left in Season 8 of "Supernatural," and to help alleviate the stress as we wait for Sam to face the Third Trial, The CW has released a ton of stills from the upcoming Episode 8.22, "Clip Show." We have them all here along with a preview.

There's No Escaping this Clip from Supernatural Episode 8.21 - The Great Escapist

With just three episodes remaining in Season 8 of "Supernatural," we're glad to see they'll be focused on Sam's attempt to complete the Third Trial. Check out a clip from Ep. 8.21, "The Great Escapist," along with synopses of Eps. 8.22, "Clip Show," and 8.23, "Sacrifice."

Image Gallery and Preview of Supernatural Episode 8.21 - The Great Escapist

After last night's filler episode of "Supernatural," the gang gets back on track toward the Third Trial in next week's Ep. 8.21, "The Great Escapist," which sees the return of Kevin, Crowley, and yes, Castiel. Check out a preview and image gallery along with info on The CW's new Xbox app.

A Sneak Peek of Supernatural Episode 8.17 - Goodbye Stranger

We still have a week to wait for the March 20th return of "Supernatural" on The CW, but the powers-that-be have released a clip from the upcoming Episode 8.17, "Goodbye Stranger," along with an extended preview.

Overflowing Image Gallery for Supernatural Episode 8.17 - Goodbye Stranger

We're still a week away from the return of "Supernatural" on the 20th with Episode 8.17, "Goodbye Stranger," but to help ease the pain of waiting a bit, we have a huge gallery of close to 20 images to share.

The Harlem Shake... Supernatural Style

In between saving the world from the apocalypse, hunting random demons, and well... eating, Sam, Dean, and the rest of the "Supernatural" crew decided to offer up their own take on the latest bit of viral madness, The Harlem Shake. Dig it!

Synopsis and Preview of Supernatural Episode 8.17 - Goodbye Stranger

"Supernatural" is on hiatus until March 20th, but it returns with not just one, but three of our favorite characters in Episode 8.17, "Goodbye Stranger," as Sam and Dean team up with Castiel and Meg against Crowley and his demons.

Misha Collins Returning as a Regular for Supernatural Season 9

Good news for all of our fellow Castiel fans out there who want more of his other-worldly madness... TV Guide is reporting that Misha Collins is being re-promoted to series regular in Season 9 of "Supernatural." And the angels sing!

Jeremy Carver's Producer Preview of Supernatural Episode 8.10 - Torn and Frayed

"Supernatural" is rarely better than when Mark Sheppard is onscreen as Crowley, and when "Supernatural" returns to The CW on January 16th, he's on the offensive. Check out a new preview of Episode 8.10, "Torn and Frayed," introduced by executive producer Jeremy Carver.