Mimic Trilogy, The (Blu-ray)

Starring Mira Sorvino, Jeremy Northam, Alix Koromzay, Bruno Campos, Karl Geary, Alexis Dziena, Lance Henriksen

New Mimic Box Set on its Way

As if the release of the long talked about director's cut of Guillermo del Toro's Mimic weren't enough, Lionsgate has just announced a brand new box set coming to DVD and Blu-ray!

Exclusive Interview: Guillermo del Toro Discusses Director's Cut of Mimic and More!

It's difficult to say which is harder to believe: the fact that it has really been more than 14 years now since Mimic first hit theaters (making this writer feel incredibly old) or that it's actually taken that entire time for Guillermo del Toro to finally be able to release a cut of the film that is 100 percent his artistic vision and not Miramax's, the studio behind the film's initial mishandling.

Exclusive Clip From Mimic: The Director's Cut Examines The Bug Bible

Today's the day, kids! The long awaited release of Mimic: The Director's Cut (review here) is upon us, and to celebrate the flick's arrival, we've nailed down an exclusive clip for you! Dig it!

Mimic: The Director's Cut (Blu-ray)

Starring Mira Sorvino, Jeremy Northam, Alexander Goodwin, Charles S. Dutton, Josh Brolin

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Mimic The Director's Cut on Blu-ray!

The days are ticking down until the release of Mimic: The Director's Cut, which for a long time seemed about as real as the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. Yet, the flick is a reality, and we have your hot ticket to take it home on us!

Get Ready to Get Itchy! 10 Movies That Bug You Out!

Creepy ... crawly ... creepy ... crawly ... creepycreepycrawlycrawly, creepycreepycrawlycrawly ... Certainly no one every musically expressed humanity's inherent fear of the creepy crawlies better than The Who in the 1966 John Entwistle-penned song "Boris the Spider". This number was an ode to one particular ill-fated spider, but it smartly illustrated the strange, seemingly inborn fear the majority of us have of bugs ... yuck!

Mimic. Director's Cut. Blu-ray. No Joke.

It's amazing to us here at Dread Central that we actually just spelled out the words "Mimic" and "director's cut" in the same headline. Still, it's coming, and when it arrives, it will be in glorious high definition! Read on for all of the details.

Mimic and Cronos Special Editions Update. No, Really.

Remember that cruel April Fool's Day joke from last April? You know, the one about a director's cut of Mimic coming to DVD? Bingo. I'll never forget the confusion shown by Andrew Kasch when it seemed to be a prank, as he said he watched as people worked on it. Relax Andrew ... your sanity is saved. It's coming all right, along with Cronos, courtesy of Criterion.

DVD Release List: August 4, 2009: Trapped in a Chaos Experiment with Hot Blood Sundae Cravings

If you've upgraded your system to include a Blu-ray player, then this is a pretty good week for you as August 4th will see the release of a few old friends including Blade II, Hannibal Rising, and Mimic. On the newer end of the spectrum, we have sci-fi/horror hybrids Alien Uprising and The Mutant Chronicles along with watch-it-at-your-own-risk fare like Cravings, The Chaos Experiment, Nature's Grave, and the anthology Slices.

New Cronos and Mimic DVDs on the Way!

It was reported over at Twitch Film that fans of Guillermo del Toro’s earlier films will have something to relish in the very near future.