Two Versions of Paradise Lost on the Horizon

As seems to happen quite often in this crazy business we report on, two projects based on the same idea are about to battle it out for cinematic supremacy. This time the theme is "paradise", or more accurately, John Milton's Paradise Lost.

Derrickson Talks Paradise Lost Plans

If you’re going to tell the story of Lucifer’s fall from Heaven, you’d better have a good chunk of not just change, but creativity as well behind you. Thankfully Scott Derrickson understands this, which is why he’s been discussing production ideas for his forthcoming adaptation of John Milton’s Paradise Lost with Guillermo del Toro.

Choosing Lucifer

I would really like to know why it always seems the guys with the money to get the films made are almost always the ones with little to no clue as to what makes a movie good. Luckily Phillip de Bassi and Byron Willinger are all done with pitch meetings to clueless producers to get their version of Milton’s Paradise Lost on the big screen, as a producer who’s always wanted to see it done, Vincent Newman, eventually met the duo.