Million Dollar Crocodile

China's Million Dollar Crocodile Redubbed Croczilla for American DVD

The Chinese nature gone amok comedy Million Dollar Crocodile is on its way to American DVD in February with a new title that could garner Screen Media Films a phone call from Toho’s legal department: Croczilla.

Million Dollar Crocodile Swims to U.S. Shores

Screen Media Films has secured the North American rights for China's latest monster movie, Million Dollar Crocodile, and that means that we'll all to bask in this toothy creatures glory soon enough! The film is scheduled for a quarter one 2013 release.

Full Trailer for Million Dollar Crocodile Snaps Shut!

No more teasing, kids! The full trailer for China's latest monster movie, Million Dollar Crocodile, is now running amok across the interwebs, and we put a leash on this bad boy and have it on display for you right here. Check it out!

China Looking to Make 2012 the Year of the Million Dollar Crocodile

To watch the trailer for Million Dollar Crocodile, you’d swear it looks like a Chinese version of Alligator or Rogue. The producers insist it’s more of a comedic thriller. The Chinese clearly have a strange sense of humor.