Mill Creek Entertainment

Gamera Finally Getting Some Blu-ray Love Just in Time for Godzilla's Big Screen Return

With the mega-sized Godzilla reboot less than three months away, it's no surprise to see some classic King of the Monsters flicks getting Blu-ray releases. Zilla’s big screen return can no doubt be the inspiration for all of Gamera’s classic adventures getting their first-ever US Blu-ray releases.

Deep Rising and The Puppet Masters Hitting Blu-ray!

Yes, The Puppet Masters kind of sucked; however, you can think of it as a special feature you'll never watch on your brand new and shiny Deep Rising Blu-ray! And the angels sing! Read on for details.

Mill Creek Launches Scream Scenes on iTunes

Now that it's November, most people's thoughts have turned from Halloween to Thanksgiving, but thanks to Mill Creek Entertainment, the scary season doesn’t have to end. The company has launched "Scream Scenes”, a fun and spooky application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.