Milan Konjevic

Ken Foree Back in the Zone for Wrath of the Dead

There are few things finer in life than watching Ken Foree kick zombie ass. That's exactly what we're getting, too, when the sequel to Zone of the Dead, entitled Wrath of the Dead, finally comes our way! Read on for artwork, production stills, and more.

New Image Gallery and US/Canadian DVD Release Info for Apocalypse of the Dead

It's had quite a history with over 30 international festivals and releases worldwide, and now the Serbian zombie film Apocalypse of the Dead has finally become available on DVD in the US and Canada.

New Stills: 2012: Apocalypse of the Dead (Zone of the Dead)

Having enjoyed a recent VOD run, the folks behind 2012: Apocalypse of the Dead (or Zone of the Dead or whatever they finally decide to call it) have put into our hands some rotting new stills for you!

Zone of the Dead Gets a Name Change and a VOD Launch

We all love movies about zombies, but when Ken Foree is part of the team kicking undead ass, it's just a million times sweeter. We've been talking about Milan Konjevic's latest undead bash, Zone of the Dead, for a while now, and the time has come for you guys to see it for yourselves.

Kristina Klebe Mash-Up Yields Zone of the Dead Footage

Here at Dread Central we love us some Kristina Klebe. Arguably she was one of the best parts of Rob Zombie's Halloween, and now that she's fighting zombies in Zone of the Dead, we couldn't be happier -- if not strangely aroused by the sight of her with a shotgun. *Ahem* ... Speaking of which, a music video mash-up featuring Kristina just popped up online, and in it you'll find some cool footage of her taking care of zombie business among other things!

Zone of the Dead Trailer Now Live!

Who wouldn't be down to see Ken Foree kicking some new zombie ass? Well that's exactly what we're going to get from Milan Konjevic's latest undead bash, Zone of the Dead, and we now have a trailer for you to sink your teeth into!