Mike Le

Sony Screen Gems Scores a Relationship With Patient Zero

Zombies, man. They're as hot as their skin is cold, and everyone is clamoring to have the next big undead thing shambling their way. Speaking of which... read on for the first news on Patient Zero.

It's Going to Be a Dark Summer for Stella Maeve

Grace director Paul Solet had found his leading lady for his upcoming film, Dark Summer, and we're happy to report that it will be The Runwaways and Manson Girls star Stella Maeve. Read on for more about the project which was announced at Cannes.

Cannes Sales Art Appears for Paul Solet's Dark Summer

It was just yesterday that we told you about Grace director Paul Solet's new project Dark Summer and just like that we have dug our claws into the official Cannes sales artwork. Check it out!

Paul Solet to Have a Very Dark Summer

We've been waiting patiently for director Paul Solet to deliver another scare fest, and it looks like the waiting game is about to pay off in spades with his newly announced flick Dark Summer! Read on for details.