Mike Dougherty

FEARnet Brings Trick 'r Treat's Sam Home for the Holidays

Who better to spread some holiday fear than the devilishly cute Sam from the Trick 'r Treat flick? That's exactly what happens in this latest sliver of yuletide terror courtesy of the good folks over at FEARnet. Dig it!

FEARnet and Trick 'r Treat's Sam Make Friends

Tis the season! Who's up for a fourth video in FEARnet's Trick 'r Treat themed series featuring everyone's favorite Halloween demon, Sam? Yeah we didn't think you'd need much enticing! Dig it!

FEARnet and Trick 'r Treat's Sam Go Back to School!

Need another reason to LOVE FEARnet? How about a third video in their Trick 'r Treat themed series featuring everyone's favorite Halloween demon, Sam, ushering the kiddies back to school? Yep, that should do the trick! Dig it!

FEARnet and Trick 'r Treat's Sam Celebrate Dad!

Trick 'r Treat, better known as one of the biggest missed opportunities a studio has ever experienced (seriously, what were you thinking, Warner Bros.?) is a damned fine film that showcases one of the best horror characters to come about in ages.

Sam Returns for More Trick 'r Treat Mayhem!

Remember back on April 1st when we did a news story about the possibility of everyone's favorite lovable Halloween demon Sam from Trick 'r Treat making a return for more terror? You thought we were joking. Well apparently ... we weren't.

Trick 'r Treat Sequel on the Horizon?

If you've never indulged in the absolute goodness that is Mike Dougherty's incredible anthology film Trick 'r Treat do yourself a favor - stop what you're doing go immediately to the story and buy a copy like yesterday. The first whisper of a sequel hit online today and we have the details for you.

Just in Time for Halloween - Trick 'r Treat Contest

And thus begins our final contest of the Halloween season. We saved one of the coolest for last, too! There's no doubt Mike Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat has quickly become one hell of a fan favorite, and to celebrate this film that celebrates the holiday we all love so much, we have a pretty nifty contest for you to win!

Critically Acclaimed Trick 'r Treat Trailer

As we near the release of Mike Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat right around the corner, a new trailer has surfaced today that shows all kinds of spooky love!

Cool Trick 'r Treat Art Contest

The October 6th DVD/Blu-ray release day of Mike Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat just cannot get here soon enough. The Dread Central offices are abuzz with anticipation, not just because finally everyone will have a chance to dig on what is without question the best anthology since Creepshow, but also we'll finally get to see it again!

More Trick 'r Treat Blu-ray and DVD News

We could just sit here and write news stories about Mike Doughtery's Trick 'r Treat all day and never get tired. Know why? Because it's that damned good, and now that Warner Bros. is releasing it, there's MUCH reason to rejoice! Speaking of which ...

Trick 'r Treat DVD/Blu-ray Art

While we all sit and wait patiently for Warner to announce the exact release date for their DVD/Blu-ray release of Mike Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat, let's use this time wisely by ogling the official artwork for the release!

Trick 'r Treat Site Open for Visitors

Just knowing that Mike Dougherty's highly praised anthology Trick 'r Treat is getting a DVD and Blu-ray release this October gives us a strong case of the warm and freakies! And to celebrate this much anticpated moment Warner Brothers has given the film its own online destination!

Trick 'r Treat Preview Now Online

As an added bonus on the Friday the 13th remake's Blu-ray, users who have their players hooked up to the Net can watch a nine-minute preview of Mike Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat. Now thanks to some enterprising bootleggers and the magic of YouTube the rest of you can check it out too!

A Look At the Trick 'r Treat Graphic Novel

It’s a real bummer to see how Warner Bros. is treating Michael Dougherty’s Trick 'r Treat - a movie that many horror fans have been hoping would get a theatrical release one of these Octobers.

What's This? Trick 'r Treat News? Huzzah!

From the "FINALLY!!" department (and Fangoria's WOH) comes news that ALL of us have been waiting for.