Miguel Sapochnik

MTV Getting Ready to Experiment with the Paranormal

You know, MTV really hasn't been doing too badly when it comes to horror programming. Their Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen flicks are way better than you'd think, and even "Teen Wolf" is deserving of some well placed merit. Now they're read to go bump in the night.

Repo Men (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Jude Law, Liev Schreiber, Forest Whitaker, Alice Braga Directed by Miguel Sapochnik Distributed by Universal Home Entertainment

Repo Men Madness! Six Interviews, Seven Clips, Plus B-Roll

Excited for this weekend's release of Repo Men? Well, here's a boatload of stuff to fan your flames! Everything you could ever want or need is here, just short of a new pair of eyes for after you're done digging on it all. However, we're pretty sure the Union can take care of that for you.

Repo Men Motion Comic Debuts Online

Miguel Sapochnik's Repo Men hits theatres this Friday, March 19th, and to help get everyone geared up for its debut, Universal has released a nearly seven-minute long motion comic as part of its intensive online viral marketing campaign.

Repo Men: Restricted Director's Cut Trailer & Photo Gallery Now Open

We're quickly coming up on Repo Men's March 19th release so of course Universal Pictures is releasing a boatload of goodies to help get everyone psyched for the film's debut, including a new restricted director's cut trailer and a big batch of photos.

Two Clips from Repo Men

Two new clips found their way online today for the upcoming film Repo Men to get you all geared up (with synthetics and otherwise) for the flick's release, and we got them both for ya!

Repo Men - Special Delivery / Runners Chosen

A while back we told you about a special Repo Men contest that Universal was running in conjunction with Wired.com that put several lucky fans on the run for a chance at a possible ten grand on the line. Today we got a special package in the mail letting us know that the games have begun! The contents of the package, which you can see below, were as follows:

Repo Men is Looking to Put YOU on the Run!

In this fast moving day and age, studios are always looking to find new and unique ways to promote their films. Just when you think you've seen it all, an idea comes up that is not only very original but pretty friggin' cool as well! Read on for more.

High Cost of Body Parts Got You Down? Join the Repo Men Union

I know, man. Spare body parts nowadays are costing an arm and a leg. Literally. Thanks to the upcoming theatrical release of Repo Men, there's a new Union you can join to lessen the blow to your pockets!

The X-rays Continue With New Repo Men Poster

Another new poster for the Repossession Mambo, now known as Repo Men, has come to light, this one a slight variation on the previously released X-ray set.

Four New Repo Men Posters Show off the Synthetics

Four new posters for the Repossession Mambo, now known as Repo Men, have come to light showing off all the spare parts you could ever want or need!

Art, Still, and Trailer for the Long Delayed Repo Men

Repossession Mambo, now known as Repo Men, has finally stepped out of the shadow of Darren Bousman's Repo! The Genetic Opera with a new trailer, still, and even a one-sheet!