Miguel Ángel Vivas

Things Get Hairy for Matthew Fox in Welcome to Harmony

Our friends over at Aullidos scored the first images of a nearly unrecognizable Matthew Fox in the new chiller Welcome to Harmony, and we have 'em for you right here. Dig it!

Early Artwork Offers You a Welcome to Harmony

Straight out of EFM we now have two early bits of artwork for Miguel Ángel Vivas' (Kidnapped) apocalyptic tale Welcome to Harmony. Read on to check 'em out and get the latest details.

Two New Faces Accept Their Welcome to Harmony

An update on another flick we haven't talked about in a really long time, Miguel Ángel Vivas' (Kidnapped) apocalyptic tale Welcome to Harmony, has come in! Read on for the first bits of casting news.

I Will Die Tonight at Cannes

Well, no, not me personally. That would kind of suck. What we're talking about here is the new flick from Kidnapped director Miguel Ángel Vivas, I Will Die Tonight. Read on for the first details and artwork.

IFC Sets a Date to Get Kidnapped

If you've never seen Miguel Ángel Vivas' new flick Kidnapped (review here), then you want to pay close attention to the following words ... it will be available via IFC on DVD November 29th. Mark your calendars. Tie a string around your finger. Do whatever you have to do, but make sure you get your hands on this truly brutal flick!

Kidnapped (2011)

Starring Fernando Cayo, Ana Wagener, Manuela Vellés Directed by Miguel Ángel Vivas

Miguel Angel Vivas Talks Kidnapped

One of the most brutal recent entries in the home invasion subgenre is Miguel Ángel Vivas' Kidnapped, whose real fear of home invasions compelled the making of the film. Recently Dread Central had an opportunity to sit down with the director to learn more about his motivation as well as the techniques he employed for Kidnapped.

Kidnapped (2010)

Starring Fernando Cayo, Ana Wagener, Manuela Vellés Directed by Miguel Ángel Vivas

Witness the Beginning of the End in Latest Kidnapped Clip

Get ready to witness the moment the shit hits the proverbial fan in a new clip from Miguel Angel Vivas' Kidnapped, a powerful new film that will leave your jaws on the floor and your fingers dug into your arm rests.

New One-Sheet and Proper Trailer for IFC's Kidnapped

Yesterday IFC took its fair share of lumps from film enthusiasts for putting out an English dubbed trailer for their latest home invasion themed thriller, Kidnapped. Thankfully that trailer has been banished, and the subtitled version is finally here along with the official one-sheet.

Eye Popping New Kidnapped Trailer

In preparation for its arrival via On Demand June 15th before joining limited theaters on June 17th, we've nailed down the trailer for the next home invasion-themed slice of terror, Kidnapped, and it's one you don't want to miss! Miguel Angel Vivas' Kidnapped stars Guillermo Barrientos, Dritan Biba and Fernando Cayo. Synopsis

Hell Freezes Over in Welcome to Harmony Sales Art

The last time we talked about Miguel Ángel Vivas' post-apocalyptic horror flick Welcome to Harmony was in February, but with Cannes under way (and sucking up every minute of our time), some chilly sales art has come our way.

Features Announced for 2011 Tromadance Film Fest

It was announced today by Tromadance Program Director Jonathan Lees that the feature film selections for the Tromadance Film Fesitval (April 22-23 in Asbury Park, NJ) will be Drew Bolduc and Dan Nelson's The Taint, Joshua Grannell's All About Evil, and the East Coast premiere of Miguel Angel Vivas' Kidnapped.

IFC Gets Kidnapped in June

One flick we've been anxiously awaiting a release date for is Miguel Angel Vivas' home invasion thriller Kidnapped. The early word is that it's home to an amazing shocker of an ending so we're pretty damned excited to be getting it. Can it live up to the hype? We'll find out on June 15th when IFC releases the film in a limited theatrical capacity.

International One-Sheet Debut - Kidnapped (Secuestrados)

Some fresh eye candy with a touch of international flavor has surfaced for Filmax International's release of Miguel Angel Vivas' home invasion thriller Kidnapped, and we have it for you right here with a side of jalapeno!