Midnight Meat Train

Barker, Clive (Midnight Meat Train)

Simply calling Clive Barker a master of horror almost seems i

Clive Barker on Hell, Meat & More!

Simply calling Clive Barker a master of horror almost seems inadequate. A more fitting description might be to describe him as a visionary genius who has had a profound effect on the horror industry by not only setting the bar with visceral and sexual imagery but by also leaving his mark in the literary world for almost 30 years now.

DVD Releases: Blu Seed Train

Lots of Blu-ray releases hit on Tuesday, February 17th, but most importantly the badass sci-fi/horror hybrid Alien Raiders is finally here. I don’t care what you’ve thought of past Raw Feed releases, this one will kick you in the ass and call you Nancy!

Midnight Meat Train, The (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Brooke Shields, Ted Raimi, Roger Bart, Peter Jacobson, Vinnie Jones, Bradley Cooper, Leslie Bibb Directed by Ryuhei Kitamura

Midnight Meat Train Comes Home

After severely mistreating it theatrically, then sort of making up for it by giving it a good run on Fearnet, Lionsgate is finally bringing Midnight Meat Train into the station with standard and Blu-ray DVD releases on February 17th, 2009!

FearNet's Halloween Horrors

FearNet has been kicking quite a bit of ass as of late and now that I get them on my local cable provider life is pretty sweet! For those of you lucky enough to be able to check them out, here's a list of what you can expect to see programming wise this Halloween both online and on demand!

FearNet Gets Midnight Meat Train

All right, so Midnight Meat Train didn’t get the kind of theatrical play that would’ve made sense, but at least you won’t have to wait for the eventual DVD to check it out, as long as you get FearNet, that is.

Barker Responds to Meat Train Release

It’s been awfully quiet from the Clive Barker camp on Lionsgate’s decision to put Midnight Meat Train (review), the first of many planned adaptations of Barker’s Books of Blood stories, into second-run dollar theaters instead of giving it a real theatrical release.

Frightfest Reveals Freakdog Poster

While checking out the listings on the Frightfest website, I noticed they have the first ever poster for

'Zine Review: Rue Morgue #81

Issue #81 August 2008 The recent death of Stan Winston struck a terrible blow in the horror community, catching almost everyone off guard by its suddenness. I have to commend Rue Morgue on not just getting this issue put together so quickly, but making it such an incredible tribute to the man who created so many iconic creatures.

Dinner for Fiends: Fear It Sucks

Though it takes us abut a half hour to finally get to discussing the NBC anthology show Fear Itself, when it is brought up the pure, dripping hatred Uncle Creepy holds inside that twisted thing he calls a heart for it is more than worthy of giving this DFF its title. It's scary!

Rally to Support The Midnight Meat Train

General society has a tendency to judge the horror community unfairly. Sure, some of us look a little different or, hell, even act a little differently, but in all honesty this small sect is comprised of some of the most loving and passionate individuals that I have had the pleasure of meeting. When we suffer a tragedy or are dealt an injustice, we rally around each other.

UPDATED: Discount Train Ride? Meat Train Theatre Listings!

UPDATE: We found more theatre listings that include the eastern half of the country, so maybe it's not as bad as we initially thought. See below for the full list, and check your local listings, too, as this may not be everything.

Korea Teases with Midnight Meat

A sharp eyed reader named David pointed out a new video floating around on YouTube. Originally discovered by 24fps, this is the opening scene of Clive Barker's Midnight Meat Train (review), which gives us a look at the suspense so many will miss out on due to the film's impending limited release.

Fantasia 2008: Days 16 & 17

Friday started off pretty quietly, with our first movie being the Korean thriller Our Town (review). An auspicious way to start off the day because while it wasn’t the greatest film we’d seen, it certainly had some great moments but suffered from the usual pitfalls of the Korean film: too long and way too dramatic.