Original Programming for the Xbox to Include an Adaptation of Chuck Dixon's Winterworld

Microsoft made a pretty big announcement today about "Xbox: Originals," their own original programming launching in June. Only a few of the projects sound Dread-worthy, but one in particular caught our eye.

E3 2012: Microsoft Fires First

Microsoft officially kicked off the E3 2012 festivities with its press briefing dubbed “Xbox 360 Entertainment Evolved 2012.” While it was a little light on huge surprises, they did show off exciting demos and some interesting new features hitting the Xbox 360 in the coming months.

Microsoft Reveals First Wave of Xbox Live Titles for Windows Phone 7

Today at GamesCon in Cologne, Germany, Microsoft unveiled the first wave of XBL titles that will appear on Windows Phone 7, and by "first wave" I mean a TSUNAMI. SOOOO many titles! This basically makes your Xbox pocket- and/or purse-friendly as you can manage your lists, play games, download demos or other DLC, even earn achievement points all while whatever idiot you're talking to (your agent, pr, boy/girlfriend, whatevs) puts you on hold.

Hone Your Zombie Killing Skills for Crackdown 2

The original Crackdown for the Xbox 360 was a fun little open world sci-fi shooter, but it was hardly something that we'd cover around these parts. The upcoming sequel, however, is a completely different kind of beast riddled with zombies, mutants, and more. Oh, happy day!

Niles Talks The Lost Ones

Our fellow sickos at G4TV.com got the scoop direct from Steve Niles regarding The Lost Ones, his exclusive series for Microsoft's Zune player, and to sweeten the pot, they're also running themselves a snazzy little contest!

The Lost Ones Trailer

Our friends at G4TV.com just scored themselves the official trailer for Steve Niles' The Lost Ones, and though it's not straight horror per se, we just had to share as a means to keep up with the genre-machine that is Steve Niles!