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New Resident Evil: Retribution - Behind-the-Scenes Stills Show Off the Boys!

More behind-the-scenes goodness has made its way online for the upcoming Resident Evil: Retribution, offering your very first look at Kevin Durand as "Barry Burton" along with Boris Kodjoe as "Luther", Johann Urb as "Leon Kennedy", and more!

Fourth Resident Evil: Retribution Behind-the-Scenes Video Shows Off Leon and Luther

Milla Jovovich has posted yet another video from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution to her Twitter account, this time showing off Leon Kennedy (played by Johann Urb) and Boris Kodjoe, reprising his part as Luther, in character and heavily armed.

Something Took a Bite Out of Alice in Latest Resident Evil: Retribution Still

Resident Evil film franchise star Milla Jovovich's character of Alice is a bit of a superhero of sorts capable of doing many things. However, this latest image from the set of the fifth film, Resident Evil: Retribution, proves that even she can sustain some good old fashioned battle damage.

A Sneak Peek of Li Bingbing as Resident Evil: Retribution's Ada Wong

Yep, Milla Jovovich is at it again, tweeting up a storm about her Resident Evil: Retribution co-star Li Bingbing's transformation into the character of Ada Wong. Read on for Milla's comments as well as a few pictures she so sneakily shared with the fans.

Hot Chicks + Firearms = New Resident Evil: Retribution Behind-the-Scenes Videos

If we've learned anything this week, it's that at least once a day Rob Zombie will update his Facebook page with Lords of Salem casting news, and Milla Jovovich will post some kind of Resident Evil: Retribution goodies to her Twitter account. It's kind of comforting.

Resident Evil: Retribution Recruits Kevin Durand

Once again Milla Jovovich has taken to her Twitter account to confirm some more casting for the now shooting Resident Evil: Retribution. Who's next, and whom do they play? Read on for all the gory details.

Resident Evil: Retribution Finds its Ada Wong in Li Bingbing

Some good news coming in for Resident Evil: Retribution to go with this morning's bad. We've got some brand spanking new casting news for you kids so read on for the details.

Accident on the Set of Resident Evil: Retribution

An accident on the Toronto set of Resident Evil: Retribution this morning resulted in injuries to 16 people who are portraying zombies in the film. Fortunately it appears that none of the injuries are life-threatening.

Leon Kennedy Shoots His Way into Resident Evil: Retribution

Another day, another Resident Evil: Retribution tidbit for you guys to chew on straight from (who else?) Milla Jovovich on Twitter. The cool thing about today's casting news? It just seems perfect.

Resident Evil: Retribution - Footage from the First Table Read; Shots Fired on Set!

More coolness coming straight from Alice herself, Milla Jovovich, regarding the upcoming flick Resident Evil: Retribution. Ever wonder what it's like to sit down at a table read? Well, wonder no more!

Michelle Rodriguez Back for More Zombie Fighting Action in Resident Evil: Retribution

What's this? Resident Evil: Retribution news that didn't come from Milla Jovovich on Twitter? We never thought we'd see the day! Even crazier? The news itself!

Michelle Rodriguez Finds Footage in Sighting

Michelle Rodriguez has faced zombies, driven amazingly fast cars, helped save the world from an alien invasion, and tackled Machete with literally one eye open! There's not much left for her to do that could be considered pretty cool.

Battle: Los Angeles (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Michelle Moynihan, Ramone Rodriguez, Ne-Yo Directed by Jonathan Liebesman

Motion Picture Purgatory: Battle: Los Angeles

Much like the rest of us, Trembles is suffering from disaster overload thanks to events in Japan, Libya, and even his homeland of Canada, where the Conservative government was toppled last week, triggering the 4th election in just 7 years. But he's soldiering through and sent over an MPP for Jonathan Liebesman's Battle: Los Angeles that is, shall we say, a bit 'different' from the norm.

Battle: Los Angeles (2011)

Starring Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Michelle Moynihan, Ramone Rodriguez, Ne-Yo Directed by Jonathan Liebesman