Michelle Rodriguez

International Resident Evil: Retribution Artwork Home to Much Destruction

We'll say this: If we can get just a third of the cataclysmic destruction present and accounted for on this international one-sheet for Resident Evil: Retribution along with some zombie action, this next entry could result in being a good popcorn flick!

Umbrella Welcomes You in Latest Resident Evil: Retribution Viral

In honor of the release of Resident Evil: Retribution the good, kind-hearted folks over at the Umbrella Corporation have put together a new website so that you may become acquainted with their many services. Check it out!

Dozens and Dozens of Resident Evil: Retribution One-Sheets

So you say you want to see new one-sheets for Resident Evil: Retribution? Brothers and sisters, you are in luck. As a matter of fact you're more than in luck. We've got over forty of them right here on tap for you to ogle. Dig it!

Zoe Saldana Puckers Up for Machete Kills

While it's already been established that Machete don't text, we can tell you one thing that he does do and that's getting some of Hollywood's hottest chicks to slip him la lengua. You just can't help but be a little jealous, ya know?

Wordy Machete Kills Sales Art

Just in time for Cannes, some new sales art for Machete Kills has come forth, but it's a bit light on everything ... except for text, that is. Yes, there's plenty of text. Even if Machete himself doesn't text. Give it a quick look!

New International Banner Artwork for Resident Evil: Retribution

Ready for a little Resident Evil: Retribution eye candy? In retrospect it's been a while since we've heard anything from the film's camp. No worries, though, as things are moving along nicely, and the flick is right on target.

Machete Kills Sofia Vergara

Machete has found a new victim ... we mean co-star. Just when you think the cast couldn't get any hotter, another beauty is on the verge of signing up for active duty against the evil gringos.

Amber Heard About Machete Kills

Add another name to the ever growing list of actors in talks to sign on for active slaughter in Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills! This one is packing some serious heat, and we're not talking about her guns either. Well, I guess that really depends on your definition of guns, but still...

Machete Kills Oscar Nominee Demian Bichir?

You know, after watching "Weeds", you can't say that he didn't have it coming. I mean, the way he treated poor Nancy? The mother of his child? It's no wonder tha... huh? That was just a TV show? Oh well then. That changes everything.

'She' is Officially Back for Machete Kills

The second film in the unlikely Machete franchise, Machete Kills, is coming along quite nicely. Especially with the return of everyone's favorite one-eyed Latina badass. Dig it!

Mel Gibson Going Crazy for Machete Kills

Everyone and their grandmothers seem to be piling on the Mel Gibson hate-fueled bandwagon nowadays. That's okay, though, because Gibson is a tough sonovabitch, and lord knows he hasn't been this entertaining in years. Next up for the troubled actor....

Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez Circling Machete Kills

With a start date for Machete Kills drawing closer and closer, it was only a matter of time before the casting news started rolling in, and it's starting with some regulars.

Set Visit Interview: Special Effects Maestro Paul Jones Talks Zombies, Lickers and More for Resident Evil: Retribution

For Special Make-up Effects Designer and Supervisor Paul Jones, Resident Evil movies have become his life. He's been working on the series since 2004's Apocalypse, for which he designed the flick's 'big baddie'- Nemesis.

Set Visit Interview: Franchise Newcomer Li BingBing Talks Ada Wong in Resident Evil: Retribution

When it came time for Paul W.S. Anderson to cast fan favorite character Ada Wong, he went with Li BingBing, a huge star in Chinese cinema but generally an unknown face to American audiences--that is, until Resident Evil: Retribution hits theaters everywhere this September as there's no doubt that BingBing will leave a lasting impression with her performance (and red dress) in the upcoming sequel.

Set Visit Interview: Johann Urb Dishes on New Character Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil: Retribution

For Paul W. S. Anderson's Resident Evil: Retribution, we already know the director is bringing in quite a few familiar faces, including the return of Michelle Rodriguez, Oded Fehr, Boris Kodjoe, Sienna Guillory and franchise star Milla Jovovich to name a few. However, when it's your fifth time at bat, Anderson knows you have to get creative and bring in some fresh blood as well, and for Retribution longtime fans will finally get introduced to Leon Kennedy, who is being played by Johann Urb.