Michelle Monaghan

Sterling Jerins Lands Herself a Coup

More casting news has come rolling in for the Dowdle brothers' (Quarantine) latest flick, The Coup. Read on for the latest, and look for lots of goodies to come.

Lake Bell Sets Up for The Coup

Yet more casting news has arrived for the Dowdle brothers' (Quarantine) latest flick, The Coup. Read on for the latest details and look for more as it comes, and if doing this for nearly ten years has taught us one thing, it's that it will indeed come.

Terminator 3 Director Takes Us into the Still of Night

Exclusive Media Co-Chairmen Nigel Sinclair and Guy East have announced that Exclusive Media will finance and produce the new thriller Still of Night, written and to be directed by Jonathan Mostow and starring Michelle Monaghan with Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon in final negotiations to star.

Michelle Monaghan Part of The Coup

There's more casting news coming in for the Dowdle brothers' (Quarantine) latest flick, The Coup, and as the actors file in, they just seem to become prettier and prettier. Read on for the latest.

Dimension Moves into Penthouse North

It's been a couple of months since last we checked in with the new Michael Keaton psycho thriller Penthouse North, but some good news has hit our desks, and as always we're here to share. Just keep your hands off our French fries or you'll lose a friggin' finger.

Michael Keaton and Michelle Monaghan Play Cat and Mouse in Penthouse North

For decades now we've been crazy about actor Michael Keaton. From his portrayal of Batman to his stint in the afterlife as Beetlejuice, the actor knows full well how to bring an unbalanced nature to his roles, and in the new flick Penthouse North he'll be bringing some true psycho to the big screen.