Michael Straczynski

More World War Z Details

The hope, screenwriter J. Michael Straczynski told MTV’s Movies Blog, is to start production on World War Z by the first of the year. That’s a pretty quick turnaround since he’s still polishing the script based on director Marc Forster’s notes.

Max Brooks Talks World War Z Adaptation

Just the other day it was announced that the adaptation for Max Brooks’ amazing post-zombie apocalypse novel, World War Z, finally had a director in the form of Quantum of Solace helmer Marc Forster. The freaks at Fango then swooped in to talk to the author about the developments, all of which he seems very happy with.

Screenwriter Talks WWZ

Word come down from last weekend New York Comic Con (via IGN) that "Babylon 5" co-creator Michael will be writing the screenplay adaptation of Max Brook’s very well-received zombie book World War Z (review).