Michael Rooker

Bill Moseley Swims in Rogue River and Word on Prowl

This scribe caught up with actor and all-around nice guy Bill (The Devil’s Rejects) Moseley, who's adding yet another genre notch to his already prolific career in horror.

More Hi-Def Horror - Henry Goes Blu

If you've never seen Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, then you're missing out on one of the single greatest and most disturbing true crime movies to date. In just a few weeks acquainted fans with the tech will be able to dig on his special breed of mayhem in 1080p!

Rooker, Michael (The Walking Dead, Hypothermia)

Folks, I am not ashamed to admit that I LOVE Michael Rooker! And I'm sure many horror fans feel the same way. From his film debut as Henry in the horrifying Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer to being covered with goo as Grant Grant in James Gunn's hilarious Slither to his current ro