Michael Dinner

Aussie Actress Sarah Snook Lands the Lead in ABC's Clementine Pilot

Last month ABC gave a pilot order to "Clementine," a "supernatural drama" from The Mark Gordon Co. and ABC Studios, and now word has come on who the lead actress will be. It's someone who'll soon also be seen in a few new horror projects...

FX Wants New Powers

Here’s one of those "only in Hollywood" stories. This is about a TV pilot that was shot a year ago but rejected by the network that instead wanted the show’s writer to shoot a new pilot with a new cast. That has not happened yet, but said network wants everyone to know they’re still actively developing the project.

Jason Patric to Get His Powers Back?

It's a wonder that Lost Boys star Jason Patric hasn't returned to the franchise that put him on the horror map, but never fear; though he won't be getting all bitey any time soon, the man does have some possible "Powers" of his own!

Charles S. Dutton Has Powers

When we first saw Charles S. Dutton hit the acting scene decades ago, we knew one thing for sure: The man had powers. He fought a Xenomorph without weapons for god's sake! You need a hefty sac just to attempt such a thing!

FX Thinks Super 8 / Friday Night Lights Star Kyle Chandler Has Powers

It's been a while since last we had any news regarding casting for upcoming genre TV shows (about 35 seconds to be exact) so we figured we'd take this time to dose you on news straight from the boob tube.