Michael Cuesta

Babylon Fields Resurrected for NBC

A few years back, before the popularity of "The Walking Dead" was fathomed by studio executives, CBS was dabbling in delivering a zombie series of its own with "Babylon Fields" from Michael Cuesta, Gerald Cuesta, and Michael Atkinson. It never happened, but now guess what's just come back from the dead?

Tell Tale Blu-ray and DVD Art

Some more home video news for you, as we've just received word that Michael Cuesta's Tell Tale (review here) will be crashing onto home video on May 25th from Vivendi Entertainment (though as with The Collector, if you head to Blockbuster, you can rent it now).

New One-Sheet: Tell-Tale

The IMP Awards got themselves the first look at the official one-sheet for Tribeca selection Tell-Tale (review here), and we have it here for your perusal!

Tell-Tale (2009)

Reviewed by Nomad Starring Josh Lucas, Lena Headey, Brian Cox, Beatrice Miller, Dallas Roberts Directed by Michael Cuesta

Clip and Still from Tell-Tale

As a huge Poe fan, I'm really looking forward to seeing the latest film based upon one of his most frightening stories, Tell-Tale. You excited too? You may just be after checking out the latest clip and still from the film!

First Image from Tell-Tale

The first still from Lena Heady's latest foray into horror, Tell-Tale, hit online today courtesy of the official Tribeca website, and it doesn't exactly tell a whole hell of a lot.