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Preview of and Clips from Dexter Episode 7.10 - The Dark... Whatever

I don't get some people's love for this season of "Dexter"; to me it's turned eye-rollingly bad, but there are two bright spots: First, we only have three episodes left, and second, Jim Beaver guest stars in next week's Episode 7.10, "The Dark... Whatever."

Preview of and Clips from Dexter Episode 7.09 - Helter Skelter

The best thing we can say about this season of "Dexter" is that at least there are only four more episodes left! Right now we have a few clips from Episode 7.09, "Helter Skelter," to share along with the ep's preview.

Preview, Clips, and Stills from Dexter Episode 7.08 - Argentina

"Dexter" Season 7 got off to a rousing start but has now hit the wall. Just like last year when it all went downhill after Mos Def's character was killed off, it has gone so far off the rails we're not sure anything can bring it back. In any event, here's a look at Episode 7.08, "Argentina."

Photo Gallery for Dexter Episode 7.07 - Chemistry

Reactions have been mixed to last night's rather over-the-top murder room scene on "Dexter," but we're holding out hope that the final half of the season lives up to the potential of the first couple of episodes. Here to whet our appetites for more are several photos from the upcoming Episode 7.07, "Chemistry."

Preview and Clips from Dexter Episode 7.07 - Chemistry

On tonight's episode of "Dexter" romance was in the air for both Morgan siblings, and we can't even imagine where things will lead in the upcoming Episode 7.07, "Chemistry." Maybe the preview and two clips from the ep that Showtime has provided will offer a few clues.

Preview and Clips from Dexter Episode 7.06 - Do the Wrong Thing

It's hard to believe the upcoming Episode 7.06 of "Dexter," titled "Do the Wrong Thing," marks the halfway point of the season already, but that is indeed the case. Here's a taste of what to expect in the form of the episode's preview and a couple of clips.

Two Clips from Dexter Episode 7.05 - Swim Deep; Showrunner Scott Buck Dissects Episode 7.04 - Run

We concur with the consensus that so far "Dexter" Season 7 is back on track, and here are two clips from the upcoming ep, "Swim Deep," along with showrunner Scott Buck discussing last night's ep, "Run."

Sneak Peek at Dexter Season 7 Episode 5: Swim Deep

Things have definitely gotten wonderfully crazy during this season of the hit Showtime TV show "Dexter," and it doesn't look as if the lunacy is showing any signs of slowing down. Check out a preview of what's next!

Image Gallery for Dexter Episode 7.06 - Do the Wrong Thing; Meet the New Blood: Ray Stevenson, Jason Gedrick, and Yvonne Strahovski

Showtime has released some new behind-the-scenes videos featuring Yvonne Strahovski, Ray Stevenson, and Jason Gedrick discussing their characters in Season 7 of "Dexter", and we have them right here!

Sneak Peek at Dexter Season 7 Episode 4: Run

Surprisingly enough, we're really digging this season of the Showtime series "Dexter," which took quite the nosedive after the Trinity storyline. Can the powers-that-be keep this pot boiling? Check out a few previews of what's next!

New Dexter Imagery from Episode 7.05

Alrighty, kids! Saddle up with your dark passenger and enjoy as Showtime has released 13 images from Episode 7.05 of “Dexter”, entitled “Swim Deep.” They don't seem too spoilery so check them out right here.

Get an Eyeful of Yvonne Strahovski in New Dexter Clip

So what if it has only been a few hours since our last "Dexter" story? This is the Internet, man! Life happens at the speed of light. That being said, get ready to settle in for a new clip featuring Yvonne Strahovski as Hannah McKay! Dig it!

Preview of and Clip from Dexter Episode 7.03 - Buck the System

Season 7 of "Dexter" on Showtime is looking better than it has in years, and we're looking forward to next week's Ep. 7.03, "Buck the System." Check out a preview and clip from the upcoming episode here along with a "Behind the Episode" look at Ep. 7.02, "Sunshine and Frosty Swirl."

Preview and Two Sneak Peek Clips from Dexter Episode 7.02 - Sunshine and Frosty Swirl

In some very good news for Showtime, the Season 7 premiere of "Dexter" delivered the series' highest rated premiere ever and continued its unbroken streak of increased ratings every year since its prior cycle for the sixth consecutive year.

Watch the Dexter Season 7 Premiere and Get a Sneak Peek of What's Coming

Last night's premiere of "Dexter" kicked off Season 7 in style with more tension than we've seen on the series in quite some time. Did you miss it? Then you've come to the right place because we have the ep in its (slightly edited) entirety along with a look at what's ahead.