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Dueling Dexter Promos Go Through the Emotions of Dex and Deb

Two new promo spots have landed online from Showtime for the eighth and final season of "Dexter": One looks behind Dex's mask, and the other wonders if Deb is a killer or just an innocent victim. You decide!

Julian Sands Signs on for Dexter Season 8

To kick off your Saturday morning, we have a casting update for the eighth and final season of Showtime's "Dexter": Julian Sands (Warlock, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, "24") has signed on as a guest star, as has Darri Ingolfsson ("Last Resort").

New Dexter Season 8 Teaser Proves He's Still Got It!

Showtime and "Dexter" have made some beautiful music together, but all good things must come to an end. Check out a new teaser for "Dexter" Season 8 titled "The Final Symphony."

Steamy New Dexter/Ray Donovan Teaser Will Leave You Breathless

With a promise that "this summer they'll make your heart pound, your palms sweat, give you chills, and leave you breathless," Showtime has unveiled another combo promo for its departing flagship series "Dexter" and promising newcomer "Ray Donovan."

Another Teaser for Dexter Season 8 Promises Vetting, Stalking, and Killing

With the eighth and final season of "Dexter" set to begin in just 2-1/2 months, Showtime is ramping up its promo machine for the series, and we have another teaser to share. In this one the old Dex is back to vetting, stalking, and killing - just how we like him!

More on Dexter's Final Season; Could a Spinoff Be in the Works?

Now that it's been confirmed that Season 8 will be the final season for "Dexter," a few more details of what's ahead have come out, including whether or not rumors of a potential spinoff series are true.

Check Out This New Sneak Peek of Dexter's 8th and Final Season

Showtime has released a new sneak peek of "Dexter" that runs a full two minutes, and of course we have it for you right here. The most interesting part? The fact that is spells out for us that this is indeed Dex's eighth and final season.

First Footage from Dexter's Final Season

When last we saw Dexter and Deb, they were embroiled in a hideously sad and blood-soaked situation. Lines had been crossed. Codes broken. Lives had been taken. We've been waiting for a while now to get a glimpse of the fallout, and finally it has come.

See the Full Picture in this New Dexter Season 8 Teaser Promo

Ready for another teaser promo from Showtime for the big daddy of serial killer shows, "Dexter"? He'll be back to remind those upstarts Joe Carroll and Hannibal who's boss in June!

Another Combo Dexter/Ray Donovan Summer 2013 Teaser Arrives

Looking forward to the return of "Dexter" at the end of June? Maybe you're also a little curious about its new companion series, "Ray Donovan"? Then this updated teaser from Showtime should scratch both of those itches!

Dexter Season 8 Teaser Names Names and Takes Us Down Memory Lane

A teaser for the return of "Dexter" popped up online today, and of course we have it for you right here. It's a very nostalgic trip down memory lane that pays tribute to each of the Dark Passenger's victims, whether he killed them directly or just somehow had a hand in their deaths. Good times!

One Tree Hill Vet Joins Dexter Season 8 in Recurring Role

Some casting news has come in with regard to the upcoming eighth season of Showtime's "Dexter." It looks like a former star of "One Tree Hill" and "Guiding Light" is moving next door to our favorite serial killer!

Showtime Brass Confirms Dexter Season 8 as the Last... Maybe

Let's face it. "Dexter," though extremely popular, has seen better days. In fact every season since Trinity sat naked in his kill tub has been kind of bland by comparison. As a result Showtime is considering having Season 8 be the last for the dark passenger.

Entourage Mad Man Joins Dexter

As if Dexter Morgan didn't have enough problems on his hands, his world is now getting set to be invaded by a loony actor from the land of HBO's hit series "Entourage." Read on to find out who his dark passenger will have to deal with next.

Nick Gomez Puts a Hit out on Dexter

Back in January "The Walking Dead" star Nick Gomez revealed via Twitter that he had scored a recurring role on the new season of Showtime's "Dexter." While it was great news, we didn't know who he'd be playing. Well, we do now.