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TCA Summer 2013 Press Tour: Possible Dexter Spinoff on Hold

With Showtime's "Dexter" currently winding down through its final season, talk of a spinoff series has already begun. That being said... such talk is also painfully premature. Read on for the latest.

Image Gallery for Dexter Episode 8.06 - A Little Reflection

So, that was a nice, cozy family moment at the end of last Sunday night's "Dexter," right? Curious about what's ahead in Episode 8.06, "A Little Reflection"? Check out this HUGE image gallery!

Preview of and Two Clips from Dexter Ep. 8.06 - A Little Reflection; Wrap-Up of Ep. 8.05 - This Little Piggy

We're coming up to the halfway point of the final season of "Dexter," which means it's time for "A Little Reflection." And Hannah's (Yvonne Strahovski) return. But first let's do a wrap-up of this week's Ep. 8.05, "This Little Piggy," with producer Scott Reynolds, who also wrote it.

Dexter: Another Clip from Ep. 8.05 - This Little Piggy and a Wrap-Up of Ep. 8.04 - Scar Tissue

Another clip from "Dexter" Episode 8.05, "This Little Piggy," has arrived from Showtime, along with a "Wrap-Up" podcast with producer Scott Reynolds for last night's intense Episode 8.04, "Scar Tissue."

Images from and a Sneak Peek of Dexter Ep. 8.05 - This Little Piggy; Go Inside Ep. 8.04 - Scar Tissue with the Creators

Last night's episode of "Dexter," titled "Scar Tissue," was certainly intense, and we have a look inside the ep with the creators along with an image gallery, preview, and clip from Episode 8.05, "This Little Piggy."

#SDCC 2013: Dexter Says Goodbye; Watch the Panel

The entire cast of "Dexter" showed up at the San Diego Comic-Con to bid farewell and offer their extremely heartfelt thank yous. Check out the panel in this series of videos and wish everyone's favorite serial killer a hearty goodbye!

#SDCC 2013: First Look and Details - Dexter: The Complete Series Collection

Know what would be more badass than owning every single episode of every single season of Showtime's "Dexter" on Blu-ray? Owning every single episode of every single season of Showtime's "Dexter" on Blu-ray in packaging that is simply to die for. Check it out!

A Second Clip Sneaks in from Dexter Episode 8.04 - Scar Tissue

We thought it was a little odd when we got only one clip from "Dexter" Episode 8.04, "Scar Tissue," instead of the usual pair, and we were right! Showtime has now released a second sneak peek of the ep.

Image Gallery for Dexter Episode 8.04 - Scar Tissue

Were the preview and clip from "Dexter" Episode 8.04, "Scar Tissue," we posted earlier not quite enough for you? How about an image gallery then? Check it out, and let us know what you think of Season 8 so far.

Sneak Peek of Dexter Ep. 8.04 - Scar Tissue; Audio Wrap-Up of Ep. 8.03 - What's Eating Dexter Morgan?

Dr. Vogel is already proving to be a key player in Season 8 of "Dexter," and in next week's Episode 8.04, "Scar Tissue," she begins to get her claws in Deb.

Get Wrapped Up in this Audio Podcast for Dexter Episode 8.02 - Every Silver Lining

It is really just four days since the second episode of "Dexter" Season 8 aired? As busy as this week has been, it seems a lot longer. Anyway, if you're as ready as we are to take a breather, check out this audio "Wrap-Up" of Episode 8.02, "Every Silver Lining."

Preview of and Clips from Dexter Episode 8.03 - What's Eating Dexter Morgan?

Again last night "Dexter" outsmarted Miami Metro, but no matter how cliche it becomes, we can't stop watching, especially when Charlotte Rampling is on. How will her mind games with Dex turn out? Here's a sneak peek of Episode 8.03, "What's Eating Dexter Morgan?," which offers a few clues.

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Dexter Moving to Hall H; Special Message from Michael C. Hall

"Dexter" is about to embark on its final SDCC panel, and in honor of the occasion Showtime and series star Michael C. Hall have come up with some special artwork dedicated to the show's longtime fans. Check it out along with the details of the first time "Dexter" gets to visit Hall H.

A Wrap-Up of the Dexter Season 8 Premiere, a Look at What's Ahead, and More

"Dexter" Season 8 kicked off last night, and we're really pulling for the series to go out on a high note. It's a little too soon to tell how things are going to shake out in these final episodes, but here's a look at what's ahead along with a Wrap-Up Podcast for the premiere.

Don't Have Showtime? Watch the Dexter Season 8 Premiere - A Beautiful Day - Right Here Right NOW!

Unable to watch tonight's Season 8 premiere of "Dexter," entitled "A Beautiful Day," because for whatever reason you don't have Showtime in your household? Well, never fear because the network has posted the episode on its YouTube channel, and we have it for you right here!