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Frank Grillo Takes the Lead in Purge Sequel

The first tidbit of casting news for Universal's sequel to their highly successful flick, The Purge has arrived as Frank Grillo has been tapped to lead the cast through another night of absolute mayhem. Hopefully all parties concerned will get it right this time.

Make a Date With The Purge 2

Good news for you fans of The Purge. Universal Pictures has announced that “the next chapter of The Purge” will be released on June 20, 2014. Hopefully the powers-that-be will get a little more creative and take advantage of the truly killer scenario.

The Purge 2 Confirmed!

Watching this story come together was akin to watching someone slowly putting together a jigsaw puzzle of the most violent kind. Read on for all the details that have been confirmed thus far.

Is a Sequel to The Purge Getting Set to Start Production?

The estimated budget for The Purge was just $3 million, and worldwide it's raked in almost $80 million at the box office. Simply translated, that equates to a sequel, but is one already in the works? Read on for details.

Michael Bay Considering Self-Finance of His Own Horror Movie

Michael Bay has long had the reputation of making big budget bombastic blockbuster movies, and lord knows he's certainly made enough of them to be known for them. With Pain and Gain, however, he proved that there's some soul amongst the explosives.

A&E Passes on the Occult

With horror on TV being several networks' hot ticket, it comes as a bit of a surprise that A&E has passed on the new series written by James Wong ("The X-Files," "Millennium," "American Horror Story") entitled "Occult." Read on for details.

Two More Actors Sign on to Study the Occult for A&E

The pilot for A&E's "Occult" has just expanded by two as both Daniel Henney and Brennan Brown have signed on to co-star in the project, which already boasts a pretty impressive cast with Josh Lucas, Lynn Collins, and Agnes Bruckner.

Agnes Bruckner Joins A&E's Occult Pilot

While pilot season is over for most TV networks, A&E still has one cooking - "Occult," produced by Michael Bay and written by veteran genre writer James Wong - and a very familiar face has just joined it. Read on for the details.

Cast Begins Filing into Almanac

So earlier today we got a tip that Jonny Weston was in negotiations to star in the found footage pic Almanac from Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes. We started inquiring before writing the story, and what happened? It ended up a couple of hours later on the front page of THR. Coincidence? Le sigh. All we can do is laugh.

Paramount to Open Michael Bay's Almanac with Platinum Dunes

I don't know about you guys, but the thought of Platinum Dunes and Michael Bay working on a found footage movie sends many a chill down our spines and not necessarily in the good way. Read on for details.

Casting Firms up for James Wong's Occult on A&E

With "Bates Motel" set to premiere in just a week, A&E looks to be adding another high profile genre project to its slate with James Wong's "Occult" pilot, which just landed its two lead actors. Read on for the details.

A&E Greenlights a New Pilot for an Occult Crimes Drama from James Wong

A&E is starting to look like horror's new best friend. With its "Bates Hotel" series on the way and a pilot coming for "Those Who Kill", another genre project has just been greenlit with some pretty impressive talent behind it. Read on for the details!

Another Alien Invasion Flick Coming from Michael Bay and Steven Schneider

2011 looks to be the year that aliens invade the box office. Joining Oren Peli's Area 51 and JJ Abrams' Super 8, comes another in a string of alien related flicks, but this one, at least for now, is remaining pretty hush-hush.

Platinum Dunes Signs with Paramount, First Film Announced

So it's official. Michael Bay and company have pulled up stakes and headed over to Paramount to continue their particularly evil ways. Please, powers that be ... keep them away from Paranormal Activity. Just can't imagine that flick with explosions or faux grittiness.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

While we didn't officially cover Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen here at Dread Central, Trembles' Motion Picture Purgatory review was just too good to pass up sharing with you guys!