Michael and Shawn Rasmussen

Fantasia 2013: Exclusive Sales Art for the Rasmussen Brothers' Subculture

With all the talk of SDCC this week, let's not forget about a big event our neighbors to the North are hosting. Fantasia Film Fest kicks off in Montreal on July 18, and among the attractions of the Off-Frontières lineup will be the Rasmussen Brothers' Subculture.

Rasmussen Brothers Spin a Web with Split Lip on The Harvestmen

Whether you call them daddy long legs, opiliones or harvestmen, they sure are some long-legged creepy bastards. The Rasmussen Brothers' Sinister Siblings production company has joined forces with Sam Costello's Split Lip webcomics, and their first project will be The Harvestmen.

Dark Feed Image Gallery Opens Up

More eye candy has slid online for the writers of John Carpenter's The Ward, Michael and Shawn Rasmussen's, new terror tale Dark Feed; and as always we've got your fix right here. The Rasmussen brothers will also be pulling down directorial duties on this nasty little flick.

Exclusive First Still: Dark Feed

The writers of John Carpenter's The Ward, Michael and Shawn Rasmussen, are back with a new terror tale called Dark Feed, and we've got a brand-spanking new teaser one-sheet for you along with an exclusive still. We're good like that. Dig it!

Exclusive: Dark Feed Teaser Poster

Around two months ago we told you about John Carpenter directing a film called The Ward from a screenplay written by Michael and Shawn Rasmussen, and while there's nothing new on that front (yet), the Rasmussens dropped us a line today with the first teaser image from their next film Dark Feed.